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Medium & Spiritual Advisor. Liquid Reiki sound healer, Holy fire Reiki master.

Trained in light language and trance.

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About Me

I have been  hearing and seeing Spirit my entire life.  Now certified as a Holy Fire Reiki Master, Illumined Master Trance Channel Medium, and Liquid Reiki Sound Healer , my Psychic Clairs are fully opened to help me commune with Spirit. I have developed connections with Elementals and Celebrities, I am able to speak with many spirits from the light to bring forth messages of healing. It is my privilege to attain clear information from Spirit to help you in your everyday life. 


Channeled messages and channeled healing brought through with Reiki can bring calm for anxiety, insights into problems, and healing of mind, body and soul. Liquid Reiki Sound Healing is healing through toning, light language, light codes, and Reiki. In addition to insights and healing sessions, I also work with others  teaching various spiritual classes. I am honoured to have studied under and been trained by Heather Corbet  and Rachel Chamness , both two powerful spiritual advisors. I look forward to this journey with spirit and look forward to helping you. 

I was born and raised in the United States. Then I met my husband through online dating and moved to The Netherlands almost 10 years ago. I live together with my husband and our son. 

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