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What Your Loved Ones Want You to Know

Before I dive in, I want to say these are my views, and not every spiritual person will agree with me and that´s ok. The information I am sharing is all things I believe to be true based on sessions and automatic writing that I have done since 2018. This information evolves and changes as the years go on but I try to be as true to the information I get as possible. In this blog, I will address popular questions I get.

The number one question I get whether it is a quick reading or a full one-hour session is always ¨is my loved one ok?¨ The short answer is yes. Most souls follow the loved one or guardian angel to the other side. There are some who do not trust the light and take longer to cross, but that post is for another day. When we go back to what we know as heaven, we are greeted by our spirit team and various loved ones. I have seen three different things. If someone dies traumatically of suicide or an overdose or anything that needs recovery, I see the spirit bundled up in beautiful energy and they heal. I don´t know what this looks like exactly, but I imagine and have seen glimpses that it is like a beautiful garden or calm retreat where they get help before they go any farther on the journey.

If someone simply dies and is ready, they go into a welcome orientation, review the life they led and see lessons that they learned. We have projects we get to choose to work on and we get to decide whether we want to go back soon, later, or other things. Other things have not really been explained to me, I suspect our loved ones can also act as ancestor guides to us if needed. Our loved ones are busy but enjoying themselves on the other side. They tell me there is no boredom.

The second question is ¨do they know about (fill in the blank). Our loved ones are simply a thought away at any time. While they are in spirit our loved ones can be in more than one place at once. They are there for all big life events and see and know when things happen to us both good and bad. They miss us but they are in a vibration of joy and they want us to feel love and joy as well. They appreciate it if we say we love them and miss them but they do not want us to be miserable and stop living because they are gone.

There is no ¨gone¨ not truly, they are just on a different space or frequency and they do try to communicate with us via signs if that is what we want. They are in such a state of peace usually that they do not hold grudges or resentments. While they DO feel regret or shame if they were abusive or had a negative role to play in our lives, they do not worry about old arguments or petty interactions. All is released and forgiven. I think it has something to do with the vibration of the other side of heaven, when you experience a pace or state of being that is constant love and acceptance, there is no room for anger, jealousy, and resentment.

Lastly, they want you to heal and be well. Regardless of the situation, they want you to be happy and fulfilled. Regardless of whether you hurt them or they hurt you if there is any light in them at all, the light shines brighter on the other side. If they were an extremely dark person they could be absorbed back into the Source. My guides don talk about the dark too much because they show me that there is duality in all of us. Light and dark, good and bad, it exists in us all. But since it was asked in a session, there are exceptions where the truly dark are absorbed back into Source and created anew.

Lastly, signs. Our loved ones do send us signs when it is important, however, they do not want to keep you in a sense of yearning and sadness. They want to know we can go on and think of them with love and fondness. They support our journey to heal and find a new normal. They want us to feel joy, love, and peace. Signs can range from coins on the ground, animals, lights flickering, a happy coincidence like getting their favorite flowers for free one day, or even hearing a phrase that is particular to them. I once had an aunt that called me Ms. America and my husband never knew that. One day he said Good Morning Ms. America and then was like where did that come from? So spirit does all kinds of funny things from turns of phrase to dreams to show us they are with us.

Image source: Signs and Reminders card from The Angel Guide oracle by Kyle Gray

What signs do you see from your loved ones? Are there any general questions you have? Reach out and let me know via my email on Soul Space with Meg! You might see your question in a blog.

May you see signs of loved ones often,



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