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Intentions and Healing with Archangel Raphael

Today I have a message from Archangel Raphael but the odd thing is the first part came in June and then stopped, then the second part of the message came in July. Ironically, I was healing some old emotional wounds myself at the time so I suppose I was not yet ready to get the message in its entirety. This blog is quite simple: Set your intentions and release control to heal deep emotional wounds.

Image source: Archangel Oracle by Diana Cooper

Archangel Raphael: Now is the time to claim your inner healing journey. Have you been through an emotionally draining time or do you feel something is run down or broken? Or is there a situation in your life where you long for a deep healing? The first step is to tell the universe you are ready to heal and put it in present tense language. I AM healing, I AM recovering, etc. Thank you angels for healing me in the here and now. Imagine the emerald green light of Archangel Raphael surrounding your body and energy field. Allow yourself to close your eyes and feel the best outcome for everyone and see a shower of emerald green light raining down on you and the situation.

Give your body and mind permission to receive this healing of the situation. Imagine the stress melting away from all the muscles in your body. Remember to forgive yourself if you thought you were healed and you have a moment that triggers a response that is not positive. (end)

Then the most annoying thing happens. The message stops, and suddenly I get a bit more a month later. I go into meditation and say: Archangel Raphael please come back and help me finish this blog.

We have to remember that it is ok to take two steps forward and a few steps back. Revisiting an old wound is not a sign of failure but shows a need to heal and grow. We often surprise ourselves when we realize that emotional healing is like an onion, it has many layers that we need to look at and process. This processing is an integral part of the healing process. I did another automatic writing with Archangel Raphael to get further insight into this topic today. I am ready to hear the message!

Meg: Dear Archangel Raphael, what would you like to tell me about invoking healing energy from you and the angels that work with you?

Archangel Raphael: The first step to asking for healing of emotions or inner child work or a past trauma is to set your intentions. It is important to know what it is you want and need. You will get what you need but not always what you want. Control is a massive block to healing. Healing happens when you open to the universe to the possibilities of what if? When humans try to control an outcome or control a situation they get tunnel vision. This tunnel vision cuts you off from other possibilities and opportunities. Focus on yourself and direct your will. When you are concerned with yourself and your own energy, you are in the right space for a miracle. Humans were not meant to control each other but to ask for help. Ask for help and it shall be given when you are ready to look, listen, and receive. Anger and resentment have an energy that gets trapped in the body. It is vital that you do not wait for an apology or an admission of guilt. Remember that when you add a qualifier, a statement of IF or WHEN something should happen you limit your intentions and therefore limit the healing. It is essentially telling the universe that you are not ready. Do your best to release anger and resentment for your own growth and general well-being. Learn to release and flow as much as you can. Take small steps. Everyone can go their own way, it is an individual journey. Try this intention:

I love myself enough to give this problem to the universe/angels.

Goodbye control and hello to flow

Universe/angels, I am ready to release anger and resentment.

I invite anger and resentment to leave my body and leave me in peace.

Universe/angels, help me to heal, flow and release all elements of this situation.

I step forward with strength and confidence.

I am healing.

After I came out of meditation, my phone started to play a Youtube video, The video was Fleetwood Mac's song ¨You Can Go Your Own Way¨ but a cover by Dolores O´Riordon from the Cranberries. It reminds me that we have a choice in life. We can try to do everything ourselves and walk the lonely road or we can ask for help. We all must remember to let go of the reigns of control. The universe will surprise us when we are ready and give us what we need if we ask with positive intentions with a whole lot of flow and release. Angels of healing are only a thought away and ready to help you at all times. Ask and you shall receive what you need.

May you feel the angels of healing with you always,



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