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Angels of Magical Manifestation

The number one question clients ask me is how do I manifest what I want for my life? There is no one-stop-shop or answer for this question. You need to find a method of manifestation that works for you and feels right for your energy. I talk to angels because they are reflections of God/source/the universe and they are waiting to help us. They want to be given something to do. I don't always know which angel to call so I just say ¨angels of manifestation or sometimes angels of gratitude¨. I CAN tell you some very fast exercises I do for manifestation because I lack daily discipline for anything that takes longer than 10 minutes. What I DO have time to do is say prayers of gratitude and talk to my spirit team. So here are my daily gratitude prayers or mantras.

1) Say thank you to the universe OFTEN and imagine that something has already happened. I was waiting in a long line today and I said thank you angels for making this chore go really quickly. Suddenly, the line moved faster and I was able to go home sooner than expected. Sometimes it really is as simple as being grateful and speaking the smallest thing or event into existence. This is the method I use the most often because it is quick and in the moment.

2) Reframe disappointment. My iPad died. It is a device I use daily and instead of getting angry or sad, I said thank you for allowing me to use this iPad for 5 years. Thank you for letting me get a new one soon. I listed all the great things in my life in my head and said I would like to be able to replace this and it will happen soon. Universe and angels I trust you. It came a lot sooner than I anticipated! Suddenly it was possible when I decided to just trust and let it go. I find when I let the anger or worry go and just trust, things align for my highest good. Literally, it is a reminder to live in the attitude of gratitude. It raises our vibration, letting the universe know we are truly open to receiving blessings. Keep in mind that one negative thought does not undo all the good work you have done, if you feel yourself going the opposite mindset, take a deep breath and keep trying for gratitude.

3) Write a letter to the angels of manifestation...Sometimes I write to Archangel Uriel because he is the angel of problem-solving and sometimes I just address the letter to the angels of manifestation. I will say Dear angels, thank you for (fill in the blank) I am grateful for your assistance in helping me to have this or something even better. I feel your energy around me and accept your help and intervention for my highest good. Sometimes I light a candle and add ¨may this candle light the way to strengthen my intention.¨

4) Manifestation area/altar. Don´t be worried by the word altar. I have a mermaid statue in my kitchen window. My favorite crystals and some coins and shells surround this statue. Recently I added a minuscule angel statue as well. Weekly if not daily I write down ¨thank you universe for continued abundance and (fill in the blank) It does two things, it grounds me and makes me become thoughtful about my wants and needs, and secondly it serves as a physical reminder of my gratitude for my home and family. In my mind, it anchors my intentions so I know that abundance is always available to me and my family.

5) Angelic start or end of the day: At least once a day I say ¨thank you angels for showing me opportunities to be abundant and helping me to bring my wishes to live in the here and now. Thank you for helping me to see the magic and opportunities of every day. I do this when I am not sure WHAT I want but I know that the universe is ready to give me a pleasant surprise. This sends me the proper mindset to start my day or review my day before I go to sleep.

Image source: Angels and Ancestors by Kyle Gray

Remember, abundance exists and all you have to do is ask for it and recognize it. An abundance of peace, love, time and security needs to be appreciated as much as financial abundance. When you recognize ALL gifts, you begin to attract even more abundance.

I tuned in to see if I could get an I AM statement from the angels of abundance and here is what I got:

I am abundant.

Prosperity flows to me.

The more I am grateful, the more positive energy flows to me.

I embrace gratitude and love from the universe.

I accept all gifts of love and light fully.

I generate abundance in all forms.

May this resonate with you and reach out and let me know if any of these angelic manifestations work for you.

Happy Manifesting with the Angels!



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