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Avoiding Abundance Blockers

So a really annoying thing has been happening lately. Every time a friend pulls a card for me in the past two weeks, I have gotten warnings about watching my energy or advice to step away from friendships. I try to look for the positive in my day-to-day life so this is really irritating to my soul. I even got a card that said you will lose money and there will be a lesson there. Every single time I said absolutely not, clear, cancel and delete these messages. I reject it! But here we go again and again. So I sat down and had a hard look at my flow and abundance status. Here are the three questions I ask myself when I see a spiral of loss starting and want to tie it up really quickly.

1. Am I complaining frequently?

Don´t get me wrong, everyone complains and it's ok to have a moan as they say. However, if you do this too often without reminding yourself to reset your mindset occasionally the energy clings to you and changes your mindset. You build a reality of sadness and your brain starts to think oh ok we are a is not a good mindset to live in, it´s ok to visit this emotion and feel it but let's not set up shop here and live here full time. I see the universe peaking over at me and going oh she WANTS to be sad ok I will give her what she wants. When I fall down and feel the downward spiral coming I try a daily mantra of

Thank you universe for all the things I have.

Thank you for my home, food, and family.

Thank you for my health and mobility.

I accept even more goodness.

I am ready to accept possibilities.

2. Am I surrounding myself with negative people and even more importantly am I accepting those negative thoughts they are throwing my way?

Depending on your job or family situation, you could be surrounded by people who are angry, depressed, or are the dreaded narcissist. So if you are in close proximity to these types of people, there are several things you can do to protect yourself. If you can minimize contact great, but most of the time, you have to have some sort of contact. Here are some things you can do daily.

Imagine golden light filling your workspace or any area where you interact with the negative person. Imagine your spirit team cleaning the area with light so that the unpleasant person suddenly doesn´t want to be there or can remember why they came to bother you. I do this a lot and people often will approach me and say I came to say something important but I can remember what it was....strange. If it was super negative or toxic this will happens to me anyway...

Other small things you can do is spritz a sage spray over an area or quickly pendulum a space that a negative person frequents. These tips are best done in an empty space where possible.

Finally, ask Archangel Michael or your guardian angel to put you in a bubble of protection and keep you inside the bubble for the day. I feel like this deflects any negative words or thoughts so they just bounce back to the person who said them.

I even take my phone and earbuds to work with me and listen to happy music on my breaks if I feel my thoughts dipping or my energy is starting to drain.

Lastly, I say: Thank you universe for the reminder of what to do when around toxic people, I now clear, cancel, and delete this lesson. I have learned what I needed to know and am ready for peaceful people and situations. Life cannot always be perfect but these are a few things you can do to minimize your contact with people who are not good for your energy.

Image source: - Oleksandr Pidvalnyi

3. Am I resisting flow?

I ask a lot of the universe but I don´t always give time for something to come to fruition. I often stop myself mid-thought and remind myself have I actually relied on divine timing or am I forcing something to happen? It is so hard to determine when to act and when to wait, I will probably be working on that my entire life and that´s ok. It is important to go with the flow so that you can allow good things to happen. For me fighting flow manifests when I worry about something, making my brain live through an event twice once when I worry and once when the event is occurring. Pouring worry and stress into an event blocks abundance. You can care about something and be proactive without torturing yourself with angst. I really wish I had learned that before now. Effort and intentions matter. You won't start back at square one if you have thought spirals, but it IS important to keep putting one foot in front of the other and just keep going. Your intuition knows what you need to walk away from something and when to wait. Trust yourself.

Do you believe you deserve good things? Do you believe you deserve good fortune and positive things? Say the words. Create the reality you want first in words. When you are kind to yourself, your manifestation and abundance switch in your brain comes online. If you think it, you see good things. Give it a try. Words are an important part of the flow. I often say no I am not stressed, my life is easy and manageable and suddenly things get easier.

I hope this blog helps you think of a few ways to open yourself to flow and abundance. Remember, you deserve good things! Abundance is not a single pie, where we cut up slices and someone is left out, everybody can have a pie! More for someone else does not mean less for you! If you ask for things that help you exist for your best and highest good, anything is possible.

May you conspire with the universe for great things,



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