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The Unicorns have arrived!

This week Diana Cooper is premiering her 18 minute documentary about unicorns on YouTube. I'm very excited about the whole thing because I really do believe we are only a few years away from some brilliant scientist saying "Oh wow, multiverses exist and guess what so do all these creatures we thought only existed in fairy tales."

Source for all images in this post: Unicorn Cards by Diana Cooper

I myself have only ever seen a unicorn in a dream as a child. It looked almost exactly like the unicorn in the king of the unicorns card, It took me many years to understand that many of my dreams are how I first make contact with different beings of light. I dreamt I was helping my grandfather pull weeds from the flower beds and as I walk around the side of the house I see a unicorn with a beautiful opal coloured coat. He bowed it's head to me and golden light flowed from him to me. All these years later I remember the complete and total sense of peace I felt being in his presence. I'm always jealous of people who have seen them in their full glory.

I really connect energetically to many of Diana Cooper's oracle decks. I love that on the back of the deck it says:

"Unicorns remind us of who we truly are. While angels work through the heart, unicorns work with the soul. Their horn can be likened to a magic wand, pouring out divine energy. Wherever they direct this light, healing takes place."

I find this deck most useful in sessions where clients are trying to reconnect with who they are and are asking for a deep healing in the soul from an emotional trauma. Unicorns want to spread love and healing to he deepest wounds we carry.

For this blog I pulled three cards from this deck for immediate past, (the last two weeks) present and immediate future (the next two weeks). I also put time transcendence on my blogs and videos meaning whenever you read them is also when you need to hear the message.

This card shows us that we have recently been open to the wisdom of the divine feminine. The prominent colors here are pink, green and gold all colors used in healing and accessing self-love and acceptance. The queen has been quietly protecting your inner child for all children are connected to our soul's unicorn guardian. This card shows deep work of accepting and loving who you are.

The second card for the present is very timely. A man stands full of despair looking at himself in the reflection of the water. He wants to cross the bridge but the bridge has washed away. He doesn't see a solution to his problem, not realising if he simply turns around there are not one but two beautiful unicorns behind him ready to offer assistance. Isnt that how it always goes, when we are down and allow sadness to consume us, we seldom see the solution that is very nearly on top of us? Help often comes to us, in very unexpected ways.

And finally in the near future, we accept the unicorn of prosperity with open arms. This is a tricky concept for some, for only when you see and appreciate what you already have do you tell the universe that you are ready for more abundance. We see the inner child in this card having access to the chest of golden coins but perhaps the chest was there all along and the unicorn is showing the child that she had access to prosperity all along. Not only is there plenty of money but the chest is spilling over onto the grass. As difficult as it can be, we have to believe that prosperity lives deeply within us, and disconnect from the damaging belief that we don't or won't ever have enough. We have to say yes to the gifts of the universe and that is so hard to remember in day to day life. But guess what! You can and will be prosperous.

I hope you enjoyed this short reading! You can book a three card reading on my website if it resonates with you.

Wishing you healing and prosperity always,



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