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Angel for Unexpected Deaths: Archangel Dorenka and Connection

So here is what you need to know about my work. I know the world is a tough place. I know people are going through awful things. That being said, I know that when people are in a bad place emotionally or mentally they might be looking for support and a kind word. I try to put posts and sessions together that uplift and have a thread of hope. So I am not someone who will generally nag you or shout at you to do your shadow work. I feel we all need to honor our own style and our own methods. I am not going to tell you what your journey needs to look like. My sun sign is Taurus with a Sagittarius rising and a Pisces moon so I am an odd combination of a dreamer and a problem solver. I offer my own suggestions and I am very down-to-earth. I like magical things but I am also quite practical. This is why I always say I hope you like me but I might not always be for everyone. And that is ok!

That being said, I was really shocked when I had two spirits come in last week and they did not respect my boundaries. They brought with them an energy that I don touch on often, violent deaths. They were two spirits that quite frankly were murdered. They are officially declared missing and their whereabouts unknown. They disappeared while traveling and I was reading about them and immediately was hooked into their energy. They told me they have spoken to many spiritual workers here in The Netherlands and other parts of the world. They broke my boundaries by tapping me on the shoulder, and poking my shoulder and at night I had dreams about what happened to them. They wanted their parents to know they were ok. Sadly passed, but ok on the other side. I have a strict I will not contact your family rule, if you want me to talk to them you need to bring them to me. Can you imagine grieving the death or disappearance of your daughter and some random psychic contacts you? So these girls accepted that I do things for the collective so what would they like me to do, to tell people that could be helpful? They asked that I pull an angel card for which angel to pray to/ask for help with the unexpected death of a son or daughter. Whoever needs to see this hopefully will. I shuffled to see what angel we would talk about and was shocked to see Archangel Dorenka.

Image source: Archangel Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

Archangel Dorenka is a new angel to me, first discovered through the Diana Cooper Archangel Oracle deck. This angel works with Archangel Michael to open psychic gifts and works with bats, a mysterious creature that uses echolocation. The colour associated with this angel is gray or black but I also see a deep indigo. I cannot help but wonder if you see a bat if that is a sign from Dorenka as well. This angel sends you a frequency that helps you with dreams and magical thinking of seeing possibilities, so I do believe that his energy helps you to connect with loved ones in dreams and meditation. Here is a channeled message from Archangel Dorenka that I received in meditation:

Greetings of Comfort to all that need it,

I am stepping forward to let people know that I can help you feel the energy of your children who have passed away if it brings you comfort. If you are in a mental space where connecting to them brings you pain more than comfort I may not allow the connection until you are ready. Angels are here to heal and comfort never to create more pain. We give you what you need when you need it if you ask. You do not need to pray exactly, just ask nicely and we are there. Angels are literally translated as thoughts of God, we are only a thought away. Say my name clearly and I am there. The first step is to ask to connect is in dreams and as time progresses and you are in a mental space to accept it, you may get signs and synchronicities to know that they are around you. Please remember that your loved ones want you to continue living. Continue to experience love and joy. If they feel visiting you adds to your pain in any way they will still visit but at a distance to give you time to heal. Remember, all is love where they are and they want you to feel that love. Continue to pray for them, continue to bless them, that energy never goes wrong and is always put to good use. If you don´t know what happened to your son or daughter, pray to the angels to help to reveal the truth. Some angels stepping forward for this are Azriel, Michael, Faith, Hope, and myself. Here is a statement that might help in prayer or meditation:

I AM golden healing light.

I AM love and peace.

I AM the light that pierces the darkness.

I wrap this child in love and safety.

This child is always one with me.

The angels wrap us in indigo light of truth and love always

I call forth Archangel Dorenka at this time.

And So it is.

Archangel Dorenka

Do let me know if this brings you comfort and help in any way, I am always happy to connect people to the angelic realms. I offer personal sessions and meditations and am always honest if I can use reiki or messages in sessions to help you I will.

Wishing you healing and angelic connections now and always,



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