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What does our inner child want to say?

I meditate and ask this question and I pulled the cards focus, healing, joy and surrender today and immediately thought, well what exactly am I meant to do with this?

Source: (Focus, Healing & Joy cards) from The Secret Language of Light by Denise Jarvie

(Surrender card) from Cosmic Reading Cards by Nari Anastarsia

If I put the simple message in a sentence it is only focus on healing, joy and surrender today. Well that’s not easy. It sounds vague. But it’s not nothing, the quiet work is just as important as the action in spirituality. As I’m writing this, I am asking my guides to allow the words to flow through me in such a way that anyone reading this might be willing to meditate on these pillars of the soul.

When we look within, we are often asked to do deep work with one of these words. Often these messages come from our inner child because we all have beliefs about ourselves born in our childhood that we need to examine.

Firstly, the card that says focus. What do you need to heal today? What is your soul asking you to examine? For me, my soul asks that I spend time every day in love and acceptance of myself. I need to love and accept the fact that I exist. I deserve to be here on Earth and claim my spot with love. Think about it, do you love yourself enough to look in the mirror and say that with conviction? Place both hands over your heart as you say this and know that it is true. How does this feel? The more you feel this to be true, the more you feel the infinite love of the universe. You will falter, you will have ups and downs, but always come back to this simple truth. Why is it that we tell others that they deserve so much but we often tell ourselves that we don't deserve to be here? I often wonder just how many of us go through our day with this deep wounding. Know this the universal power whatever you wish to call it, loves you infinitely.

Joy. Such a simple word and such a difficult emotion to maintain in this world. When people used to tell me in my 20s to find joy I used to think they were nuts. The thing is, if you don’t understand what true joy is, you don’t know where or how to find it. You know where you find joy? Look anywhere there are small children achieving something for the first time. the wonderment and laughter of children as they stand, walk, or climb for the first time is something to behold.

The joy is so pure without fear or worry. How long has it been since you felt happiness without fear, worry or self-doubt to stop you? I’m here to say this to you, try. Tapping into joy is hard but if you try to meditate on one thing every day or just once a week to start. What sound or word brings you joy? Close your eyes and imagine the one object or memory that brings you joy. Sit in that feeling or memory, let the joy press down into you healing whatever needs to be healed. For me, hydrangeas give me joy because they remind me of endless sunny days laying in the garden staring at the sky. Every summer it was always a surprise learning what colour the hydrangeas would be when they bloomed. The shade varied every year from magenta to deep purple to every shade in between.

This was one of the simplest joys I experienced as a child and I visit this moment often to feel happiness. What can you remember to feel joy? Is there a moment in your life that your inner child shows you?

I was going to stop at focus, healing and joy but felt compelled to choose one last card from a completely different deck. This final card I really made me flinch because I hate to give up control. The card says simply Surrender. Spirit keeps hitting me upside the head with this message. Just let things happen. Trust the universe and flow into the events of life. Do you know how hard that is? To let go of control and just be, to know when to be active and to know when to flow?

It’s ok not to be perfect, to just be and try. As long as we keep trying to improve our mindset and improve our ability to listen to the universe Our inner child cheers for us. It’s like every day my inner child is yelling at me, yes feel what you need to feel but don’t ride that downward spiral. Visit the emotion, don’t live there. You don’t have to be a ray of light every moment of the day but don’t allow your emotions to be bricks weighing you down. The happy medium here is to surrender and flow.

Let’s try this affirmation:

I can heal myself.

I love and accept myself.

I know joy.

I know how to flow.

Surrender means I am strong.

I accept and love my inner child.

Wishing you healing moments now and always,


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