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When No is a Blessing : All in Divine Timing

Recently, I have been reminded that there is a hidden blessing in the word NO. I have asked for several things from the universe in the past months and the answer quite simply was no! Divine timing exists for a reason and in my life NO usually happens for my own good and protection.

Image source: The Angel Guide Oracle by Kyle Gray

I have been sad and disappointed by several events not happening in my life this year. No hurts, and when you think what you want is what you need and you are told no, it can be devastating. Most urgently, was my insurance turning down a surgery that would improve my mobility. There are thousands of people with my chronic condition that would benefit from this leg surgery. For various reasons, all claims and requests for this surgery are considered cosmetic and therefore nonessential by the Dutch government. Ironically, when and if the condition becomes so painful that you DO need a wheelchair, then you are no longer a good candidate for the surgery. So I was sad with this outcome for at least three months.

It has taken me quite a bit of time to try to re-frame this situation. Many call this trying to find the fifth-dimensional perspective. Why is this happening? How can this be a good thing for my highest and best outcome? As I always do when life makes no sense, I made a list. I find list-making lifts the fog of emotions and snaps me out of a funk. When I get stuck in a situation or emotion that I know is not good for my well-being, I find organizing my thoughts helps. Writing is a mindful activity that brings clarity and breakthroughs if you still the voice in your head and ask the emotions to quiet down for a moment. Here was the shortlist I made after a five-minute meditation:

Reasons NO to Surgery is a good thing:

1) The universe is protecting me from an unskilled doctor. This is a fairly under-diagnosed condition and there are not as many experts here as in other countries. If someone is not an expert, they could potentially harm my legs.

2) I am meant to try other therapies yet that I am not yet aware of or soon will be. There is an experimental treatment called the harmonic egg in Utrecht. It is expensive and experimental, but it uses light and sound to heal various conditions; or rather stimulates the body to self-heal. Some people believe stress and anxiety make the condition worse, and I do believe my daily meditation and reiki helps my condition, I do want improved mobility and if that works, surgery may not be needed.

3) I am supposed to continue my restrictive diet for a full year before I consider surgery. I have lost 40 pounds since May 2019 and want to lose a great deal more. If I can lose more weight, perhaps the pain and mobility issues will ease enough that I do not require the surgery for a better quality of life. The nodules in my legs might not disappear, but maybe they could become less inflamed or at the very least stop growing.

So I know this is all very personal, but when you experience deep disappointment, lists are very important to make to gain perspective. The more detailed, the better because perhaps you will gain an insight that previously was hidden to you because anger and disappointment hid it from you. I am sure if I spent hours on this I could make the list quite long and even more detailed. What has happened to you recently that was hurtful but maybe it was the universe protecting you?

Here is a prayer for times when the answer is no:

Dear Universe and Angels,

I hear your answer and am accepting it.

I ask that you help me find the blessing in this answer.

Somehow NO is for my highest good and is a blessing in disguise.

Help me to remember that what is meant for me will never pass me by.

Thank you for protecting me and guiding me into the situations I need for my highest and best good.

And so it is.

May No Bless you and never harm you,



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