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Demeter the Mother Goddess

Demeter or Thee-MEET-er in Greek is a mother figure in charge of the growth and nourishment of humanity. She oversees the harvest of grain and her followers had a women-only multi-day festival that history does not shed much light on in regards to what exactly went on for the three or four days. We do know that it took place at the end of the summer. Demeter had many children, the most famous being Persephone. Some stories say she loved Zeus, others say she loved many. My favorite myth is that Demeter taught humanity how to grow grain in gratitude when she needed a place to sleep for the night. It is believed that Summer and Spring exist because Persephone is released from Hades and returns to her mother and during Autumn and Winter the world withers as Persephone is returned to Hades and Demeter´s heartbreaks.

Image source: Goddess Power by Colette Baron-Reid

Demeter´s plants and reminders of her presence are the poppy, wheat, and mint. I often see Demeter with her daughter Persephone and Hecate. These three goddesses work together all the time, so if you follow and honor one goddess I feel that you honor all three, for they are that closely aligned. I have written about Hecate before, and in the future, I will talk about Persephone. Today I have a wonderful message from Demeter.

Demeter is a goddess of fertility and harvest and when I see her she is often a golden orb. She looks like a flashing Christmas light when she arrives for a session and she is slightly older than she appears in this card, but the visuals are similar. She has a quiet power and much joy.

Demeter´s biggest message is this which I received via automatic writing:

Followers of the light,

Remember that the universe itself is a mother filled with love and mercy. If you are experiencing pain it is not the universe doing it to you but for humanity. Humans are capable of love but also horrific ugliness. Remember there is a massive push happening now where the dark is grabbing wildly to maintain power and all the lights in the world must hold strong. The lights of the world must protect and guide the willing. As you cycle through many lifetimes the universe has helped you to learn many lessons. It is time to show that your schooling has been worthwhile and you are ready to be a beacon of light. Hold fast to the belief that you have learned much and are now ready to talk with the universe.

Boundaries. I am the goddess of not only harvest but the fruition/growth of self. When you reach your true potential the universe rejoices, for in learning we are growing and in growth there is life. Part of growth and fertility is knowing when to give and receive or stop altogether. Call in my energy when you wish to set clear boundaries for yourself. There is no harm in being fluid with certain boundaries but the most important thing is to know when and where to set hard boundaries and fluid boundaries. Life is surprising and you need to recognize that when your cup is full you can give and when it is empty it is ok to receive. It is also good to stop and say enough. Remember that tomorrow is a new day and things will get done all in divine timing. Remember to ask for help and remember to look for that help and receive it or give it as needed. Call on me in this affirmation as needed:

An affirmation:

Goddess Demeter

Thank you for helping me to remember who I am.

I know I have power and ability.

I know I am light.

Thank you for showing me healthy boundaries.

Thank you for showing me the path to growth.

I call you in and thank you for your help.

And so it is

Wishing you an abundance of goddess energy,



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