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A call to action from Titus Brandsma

For the last year if not longer, when I close my eyes at night or turn my head slightly when sitting in a chair, I would see a slender man with glasses, very quiet and studious. He looked to be observing me and he never said much more than hello. At times, he would carry a book with him, either poetry or Voltaire. He especially came around when I was doing angel sessions with clients, nodding his head if he liked something. A few times I would give in to the urge and would ask if the client had a priest in the family but always the answer was no. We even have a seminary student in our family tree, but the photos did not match. It was really annoying to not be able to call him by name. I constantly felt like I was at a strange job interview and he was deciding if he wanted to work with me.

This past week it was big news in the Dutch newspaper that the Dutch professor, journalist, Carmelite priest, and World War II martyr Titus Brandsma was canonized. I knew his name after all this time and it seemed the time had come, he was ready to talk. He chatted with me 30 minutes before a formal channeling session. In true sermon style, the channeled message is a bit like listening to a homily. My own observations are that this is a quiet man who feels passionately about people taking care of each other and the community in which they live.

Titus Brandsma

He told me he really loved the article linked at the bottom of this post which simply lists seven facts about him. I encourage you to read the short article about this man that truly gave his life because he lived in his truth... he believed no person could be truly happy or fulfilled while hating another. He was anti-Hitler from the beginning and died in Dachau concentration camp in 1942 because he was such a vocal opponent of Hitler and the Third Reich. The last thing he told me before he left was that he did feel that his work Mysticism in Action about Catholic Mysticism was quite good if he did say so himself. The book is linked below as well.

He prefers to be called Professor or Father, and he is filled with rage over the extensive abuses of children at the hands of various Catholic priests. He insists that there will be a deep clean of the Catholic Church soon and all those who abuse and harm will be held more accountable in the next five years. He has a deep respect for truth and integrity and seems to have little patience for those he refers to as the men of the war machine. I would even go so far as to say if you want someone who is abusing their power to be brought to justice, perhaps this is the saint for you. And now, I invite you to read the entire message/sermon that was channeled on Tuesday, May 17th.

***Beginning of channeled message***

Hello and welcome I am father Titus Brandsma. I am here today to thank those of the Catholic faith who celebrated my canonization. I am most humbled and honored to be a Saint. But know first and foremost I am a philosopher and Father. I am more comfortable in a library or among journalists than I am amongst the saints and the ascended masters.

I do have a message, however, for those willing to listen in The Netherlands and throughout the world. There are many timelines converging and dividing at this time. Which timeline The Netherlands takes depends entirely upon free will and many factors all having to do with actions the government is willing to take.

First and foremost because I am a journalist; I come forward because the situation in Ukraine is edging closer and closer to the situation that happened in WWII. My entire life was dedicated to finding the truth and speaking the truth, and the latter years of my life were dedicated to opposing any regime that acted against God. I do not mean God as in the Bible; But the God that I knew that was love and acceptance, and the God that wants humans to live their lives freely.

I do not speak of bombs or burning crosses. No, the true danger here is apathy, looking away, letting things happen because they are not happening to you. It is very important this year in 2022 and in 2023, that when you see injustice you do a very Dutch thing. You write a letter, you complain, you publish or register a complaint. Keeping silent or telling the truth and complaining is going to make a massive difference in the liberties and freedoms of others.

You have looked away from Yemen, you have looked away from various wars in Africa. You cannot afford to look away now. There are forces in the heavens doing their very best to keep war from escalating, but there are people that want to escalate the war. And if you look the other way, if you are easily distracted, the timeline that is needed will not play out if you are apathetic.

This is my call to action, within the churches, within the communities. Help people, help those in need. When people are helped their anger dims, but the anger is building over the injustices, the prices of things, the lack of housing, the expensive housing, these angers, these injustices, they are fueling strong emotions. These social injustices they are not just small things. They are embers that built and add to the fire.

I implore journalists to help put out the fire, do not add to it. We need the higher timeline to play out. We need the war to deescalate. How can you help your neighbor? This is not about Christianity. This is about a call to be a better human being. Think and look around you, how can you be a better human being today? Who can you help? I ask journalists to give a voice to the voiceless. Do not use your papers to inflame a situation: help! It is almost as if the negative things in the world are entertainment. Do not look at another suffering as a form of entertainment. Think of ways to help the suffering.

I implore the governments to think of ways to rebuild the war-torn country. Do not allow extermination we know how extermination ended. It certainly ended for me in 1942. Do not be confused, this is an extermination. History will judge those who stood by and did nothing and those that stood up and said something and did something.

All I ask is that you ask yourself. What action can I take? Do not be stuck in a state of inaction. When many voices come together, people will listen. There must be true mediation, it is possible But the correct people need to do it. Pray that the right people come together and visualize the energy of peace pouring in every day.

I ask those that are going into government mediation to call upon my name, and I will be there to help. The time of extermination is coming to an end, the people will no longer allow it. There is no excuse to say, we did not know. The question is, now you know what can you do about it? What is the call to action? How can your raindrop of help add to a puddle and make an ocean? Do not underestimate the power of the voice.

Be the light in the world, for the angels and Ascended Masters need people to pour light into the world as much and often as possible. Help however you can and when you can. Do not look away, I implore you, do not give the cross burners and the bomb makers that satisfaction. Stan in your power and use your voice when and where possible. Lies and darkness cannot hide in the light of truth.

I implore churches across the planet to strongly condemn war on all levels. It is time. So it is.

***end of channeled message***

I don't know what else to add except....

May You Always speak your Truth in Light,


Some further information about Titus Brandsma:


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