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Paul the Venetian

I knew I wanted to write something about Stonehenge and the solstice, but I was not sure what precisely. Then, I feel this beautiful calming energy... this energy is the wonderful Paul the Venetian. An Ascended Master, he brings the energy of freedom to humanity. But what does that mean exactly? I sit to do automatic writing and get a beautiful message of hope from him. but first a few facts in case you are not familiar with his energy.

It is believed that he is the ascended form of Italian Renaissance artist Paolo Veronese. The Venetian refers to the fact that he has ties to Venice, Italy and according to the Ascended Master teachings, on his passing in 1588, Paul or Paolo, was given the opportunity to share his lifelong wisdom with humanity from a spiritual level. (information from Divine Masters, Ancient Wisdom by Kyle Gray)He is the Master of the pink ray and during the Solstice, and a few days beyond, Paul the Venetian will pour light from the portal of Stonehenge out into the world. This light will contain codes for freedom for humanity.

Image source: Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray

To me, this means he brings an energy of love, beauty, and connection into the world. Imagine this energy is pouring into you as you gaze upon a photo of Stonehenge. Paul the Venetian stands with his hands outstretched sending you the love and peace of the universe.

Here is the message I wrote from his energy:

To those willing to receive,

The magical codes of the sacred pink ray and bathing the Stonehenge portal from Winter Solstice to the end of the calendar year. Imagine you are bathing in the codes of peace, love, and freedom. As they pour in imagine the timeline where your life is at its most peaceful and serene. Work with the universe to create it for yourself. All things are possible when you stand in peace and love. And so it is.

(end of message)

This is a simple but true message. We have to believe that love conquers all things. In this time of uncertainty, the Ascended Masters, angels, and members of our spirit teams are available to help us navigate our time on Earth. We need to be brave enough to ask for help and receive these sacred gifts.

Wishing you peace and love in the final days of 2021,



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