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Quan Yin´s Dragon

Three years ago when I became a serious spiritual seeker, the first oracle deck that I bought was Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper. It introduced me to new concepts like multi-dimensional planes of existence and elemental beings. One of the first dragons I began to work with during my meditations was Quan Yin's dragon.

Image source: Dragon Oracle by Diana Cooper

This 5th-dimensional pink dragon opens your heart chakra and helps you to become more willing to hear and listen to others. It has lovely, peaceful energy but never underestimate its power. You can ask this dragon to disconnect you from cords of the past. If you have a relationship with someone in any capacity energetic cords or links are made. Some of these links are good but some can be hurtful and not for your highest and best good. If you sit quietly, invite the energy of Quan Yin and her dragon into your space and ask that the dragon loosens and disconnects any unneeded cords that connect you to another. If you have worries or fears that seem irrational in this life, it could be that you had this problem or worry in a past life. Quan Yin's dragon can help with this as well. Just ask that the cords are lifted that are associated with this fear. Allow the dragon energy to do its work and check and see how you feel. I try to remember to do this once a month or so and find it very helpful to my energy.

If you are a fearful or anxious person, Quan Yin's dragon can also be called upon to surround you and calm your anxious mind. Visualize the warm pink light flooding into your heart center and imagine it slowly filling your being.

A small affirmation I say is:

Welcome Quan Yin´s dragon

I welcome you and Master Quan Yin into my aura and energy.

I ask that you gently dissolve, loosen, and remove any energetic cords present that need to go.

Surround these cords that no longer serve me with your beautiful warm pink energy.

Please disconnect and dissolve the cords that harm me now from this and past lives.

Thank you for freeing me from that which no longer serves me.

I thank you and bless you for your help.

And so it is.

Remember, love wins wars and has the power to heal all things. I did not always believe this, but working with the Quan Yin energy has made me hopeful and willing to believe in the transformational power of love to heal that which has wounded us.

Wishing you a transformational journey,



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