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Quan Yin: Ascended Master of Compassion and Mercy

I first encountered the energy of Quan Yin in a guided meditation for abundance. Whenever I need to address any issues in my life with compassion, abundance, or self -love, Quan Yin steps into my energy, letting me know they are there to help. Here is a bit of background on the ascended master and goddess according to The Divine Feminine Oracle Guidebook.

Source: The Divine Feminine by Meggan Watterson

¨Quan Yin represents the presence that listens deeply to our prayers spoken from the heart. Quan Yin or Kwan Yin is an incarnation of Avalokitesvara, the bodhisattva of compassion . She is known as the goddess of mercy and is considered to be the most beloved Buddhist deity. Her name translates in Chinese as ¨the one who perceives the cries of the world¨...she intercedes for those who call out to her with humility and sincerity.¨

As I type this the time is 12:12 which means you are ready to be in alignment with your higher purpose and should now manifest things in your life for your highest good. Interpretations vary slightly according to your source. This makes me smile because Quan Yin shows me this number often when she is ready to help me, whether it is on the clock or a number on a receipt. If Iḿ really being negative or unkind to myself she will wake me up at 12:12 in the middle of the night, like hey knock it off, I cannot help you if you ignore me. She always reminds me negative thoughts block the flow of abundance.

One of my favourite mantras to do with beads or mala beads after I call in Quan Yin is ¨I am love. I am abundant. I am compassion. I am enough¨. If you don´t have beads that is ok, you can tap out how many times you say the mantra with your fingers. Different people resonate with different numbers. I like 55, some of my friends do it 108 times, one chant for each mala bead. Try the mantra, how does it make you feel? What number resonates with you?

Here is a message I have received from Quan Yin via automatic writing:

Dear ones,

Now is the time to have love, compassion and mercy for yourself. In giving yourself this gift, you can transmute the heavy energy in your life at this time. Release judgments of yourself. This message is constantly stated here but it is vital to give grace to yourself. Love is the energy of co-creation. When you accept yourself, you open yourself up to the ability to manifest what you need in your life. Breathe. Accept. The universe is ready to help you create what you need in your life.

Love and compassion to one and all.

Quan Yin then tells me to listen to something called Buddha´s Lullaby. I look on Spotify to see if such a song exists and yes there it is; played by someone named Manose. I meditate to it and see many beautiful colours and images. I love the pink, red, and magenta energy that enveops me when I meditate to the energy of Quan Yin. I hope you feel soothing energy if you look up the song and try the mantra. May it unlock positive things in your life. What does showing compassion for yourself look like to you?

Sending you Love and Compassion,


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