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Brigid Lights Your Spark

We all have guides. Did you know that you can call on your guides for specific needs in your life? I like to ask one guide in particular for light, energy and spark. I know I have written about her before but this time of year, I really cannot get enough of Brigid. The Celtic Goddess of home, heart, and fire is a magnificent being. In February she comes in so strong to me she is almost a full body apparition. So many call on her during Imbolc, so her energy just seems to magnify and expand beautifully.

Image source: Goddess Power Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

Whenever I feel grey and sad, I ask Brigid to bring me some of her gorgeous warm energy.

I often see a woman in a flower crown skipping and dancing waving her hands all about. While she can be quite serious, she generally has a fairylike happiness that lifts the energy in any room. She is also a strong protector of children and mothers and communicates to many while they walk outside. I often smell chamomile or jasmine if she is near, she is an interesting mix of joy and centered calm. She actually leads many of my sessions in the month of February which I love.

Brigid is a powerful ally to artists. Her energy is channeled beautifully by anyone who wants to stoke the inner fire of creativity. She shows me a deep love of any artists who work with fire, glass or metals. She also loves artists who use natural materials that celebrate the natural world. I get a sudden urge to listen to Ellie Gouldingś song ¨Burn¨ as I write this and since she is a fire goddess the irony does not escape me. Suddenly one lyric starts repeating and jumping on my ipad...

"I´m waking up, we fight the fire, then we burn it up and it´s over now we got the love. There ´s no sleeping now...". Then it skips all the way back to the beginning randomly to play "When the light started out they don´t know what they heard, strike the match play it loud giving love to the world we´ll be raising our hands shining up to the sky, cuz we got that fire..."

So the message seems to be pretty clear today, we all have a creative fire, We need to use it for good and not channel it for destruction. When you let your light burn for positive, creative reasons you create love and energy for your higher good. Don´t you dare let your inner critic stamp it out. Simple but true. I look up and she shrugs as if to say what the simplest messages are the most powerful and true, like what else do you want?

How about a mantra? She smiles and tells me:

My fire burns bright.

My soul is alight.

I am true to my path.

My creativity burns.

My fire is true.

Love lives within.

I create .

I shine.

I burn.

Always use your fire for good,



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