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Lady Charity: weed your garden

Earlier this year, a wonderful book came out by Claire Stone called "The Female Archangels" and I read it constantly. I had always heard that angels were androgynous, or energetically equal parts male and female; so I find the notion that there are angels carrying clear feminine energy fascinating.

These Archeiai (Ar-kay-uh) or female archangels according to Stone are often the twin flames of other archangels meaning they work in harmony with them. Charity's twin flame is Archangel Chamuel, the archangel of finding missing items. He also sees the good in all beings so it would make sense that Archangel Charity is partnered with him for she works with healing the heart chakra, healing the past, and balancing your emotions among numerous other aspects of love and self–love, even finding your soulmate. Her number is 6, the vibration of Venus and the divine feminine. Her crystals (among many) are rose quartz and pink rhodochrosite. Rhodochrositehas come up for me many times this week, so I am thinking that I really must buy some. It's a brilliant book and chapter and I could talk about her beautiful energy for pages but Charity wants me to get on with the channeling.

Source: Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

Today she has asked me to talk to you about the road to self-love and acceptance. Let me be clear, you should recognize what needs work and what your shortcomings are, what she would like to address are those destructive beliefs that have been hard-wired into your brain since you were a child or teenager. The things that are not true. Here is the message in her words:

Greetings and blessings one and all,

I am here today to remind you to call upon me for all matters of self-love and acceptance. You must first examine what lies at the core of your soul. If your core belief has been "I am not worthy, I am not lovable, I hate myself" you need to first ask for help to unlearn these beliefs. Self -love and acceptance cannot bloom in a garden of self-loathing. Pull these thoughts and learn new ones if you can allow yourself to do so. If you are overwhelmed by this task, visualize every unkind thought you have about yourself as a weed in the garden of your soul. When you meditate ask for help from the heavenly realms to see and believe what is good about yourself. If you ask, I (and Chamuel)will step forward and help you tear down old beliefs to be replaced with a shining truth.

Try to tear down or weed out one destructive belief daily. If your belief is “I am not worthy of love” try this:

I am worthy of love. I am made by Source and radiate divine light and all that is good.

I deserve self-acceptance. I deserve all encompassing love. I accept love that the universe sends me for my highest good. I reject anything negative or destructive that disguises and misrepresents itself as love. I ask the angels to help me recognize healthy, beautiful love of self and others.

Charity shows me that as you do this, imagine you are on a bench and in front of you is a small garden. The garden is a few rows of upturned soil and stakes and trellises waiting for roses to be planted. Every time you pull out a diseased weed that is the negative belief, you plant a beautiful rose next to the trellis. Do this daily until you see a rose garden of all the new things you believe to be true about yourself.

It won’t be easy at first, but the more you do it, the faster it will go and the more you will learn to pull out the “weeds” that you believe to be true about yourself. Once you have a bigger foundation on self-love and acceptance it will be easier for you to see the love and beauty in the world. You will be more fully able to believe you deserve beautiful abundance in your life.

I hope you try this and start to see and feel a difference in your life.

Wishing you love and abundance always,


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