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The Love and Fierce Kindness of Sappho

I have been hearing my doorbell a lot lately. The funny thing is that when I go to answer, I see feathers, coins, and orbs mostly and not people coming to visit me. This is my sign that a spirit or being would like to talk to me. When I am ready, whether it is a few hours or a few days or weeks later, I light a candle and look up and say ok, whoever was at the door, I am ready to work with you now. Before I work I intuitively pick a deck of cards and trust that the being I am meant to work with is there. Today, after much meditation, Sappho came in.

I see her somewhere between a goddess and an ascended master, she is more muse than anything.

Image source: The Divine Feminine by Meggan Watterson

Card text: Sappho. The Poetess.

I love every inch of my body. And I love the women in my life fiercely

I see reds, gold and white light as Archangel Jophiel ushers her in. She brings joy, power, and poetry in a colorful mix. If she was a song it might be an Ani DeFranco or Tori Amos song. She wants to talk about loving and accepting yourself as a woman. If you are a man, she wants you to examine the divine feminine in your energy. For we all have a masculine and feminine side that needs love and support. I read her words long ago in my days as a student but it has been so long, I decided to look up some of her translated works, and my eye was caught by the unremarkable sounding title of Fragment 105a. This translation is accredited to Anita George and can be found at

You: an Achilles apple

Blushing sweet on a high branch

At the tip of the tallest tree.

You escaped those who would pluck

your fruit.

Not that they did not try. No,

They could not forget you

Poised beyond their reach.

I love this fragment of a poem and love to look at it without fragment 105c because in the next part of the poem the beautiful, holy place or person has been destroyed and ¨clumsily trod upon¨ whether this is a sexual reference or not, I think today Sappho´s energy wants to talk about the dangers of putting people and ideas on a pedestal. She shows me a human cycle of exultation and adoration and then we as humans tend to tear down that which we have built up. She reminds me that this is why it is so important that you learn to not care what others think of your appearance or persona because at the end of the day all that matters is that you love yourself completely and totally. When you love every inch of your body the opinion of others does not matter. She shows me that when you love even that which you want to change about yourself, it is as if the body hears that you are sending it love and good intentions so your body is more likely to cooperate.

The intention with the card is "I love every inch of my body. And I love the women in my life fiercely." Sappho brings us the permission we need to love ourselves and additionally we can think about a woman in our lives and what small act of kindness can we do for them on a random Thursday in January? Can we bring them a meal? Buy them flowers? Send them something they need but would never ask for anonymously? Think of a woman in your life who is kind to you and do a small kindness for her sometime this month. Channel that really positive, loving Sappho energy.

According to Meggan Watterson Sappho embodies the deep love, admiration, and sensuality that exists between women. Sensuality has been twisted in its definition by some and when I ask about it Sappho shows me a deep caring and concern for the well-being of other women. In her time sexuality was quite fluid and less ¨old testament.¨ She laughs because she knows this is not my comfort zone in conversations at all. She tells me her poetry was basically used by mothers to educate and have conversations with teens about healthy sexual attitudes. I can only trust that this is true.

For those of you that are curious, Sappho was born around 630 BC on the Greek island of Lesbos. Homer was the Poet and she was called the 10th muse by Plato and the Poetess. Her poems were read in a rhythm with a lyre and this was known as Sapphic meter. She loved writing of Aphrodite and Venus and sensuality in all its forms from the Earth to food to the female form. In the 11th century, her poetry was burned by authorities in Constantinople and Rome who were scandalized that a woman would dare to talk about sex and eroticism. (Summary by Meggan Watterson and the Divine Feminine Oracle). When I ask her how the works were saved she says librarians of course. Librarians are true punk rock rule-breakers she says. They are the preservers of culture.

So here is a short channeled text from her:

Be unusually kind to yourself now.

Find a way to show yourself love and peace.

Take care of yourself the way a mother would a child and be gentle with your expectations of yourself.

Do not allow any cruelty of yourself in word or deed.

How can you show a shocking amount of love and kindness to someone in your life without any expectation of reward?

What small act can you perform this month that could bring someone to tears in a good way?

Can you do it anonymously?

May you do a small kindness so profound that the universe rewards you tenfold.

Go in peace and may you shower love and peace wherever you go.

And so it is.

May love be with you this month and year,



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