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The Angel in Your House

Does something feel off in your home? Do you feel nervous or uneasy? It may be time to do an energetic spring clean. Let me share my home ritual with you. This week I decided to do a deep energetic clean. I asked the angel that oversees my home to bless my home as I cleaned it energetically. I lit jasmine incense in my dining room because it is the heart of my home. I then went to every single room in my house and clapped my hands. I said I now cleanse this space.

That did not feel like it was quite enough so I got my copper bowl out and rang it four times in each room. I also played or rang it under each window. I then opened my sliding door and said the following intention (you can adjust this as needed for your own house):

¨Angel of this House sweep out all negative and old energies and welcome in blessings and love here.

We are grateful for you help and appreciate your intervention in the highest light. Bless this house and keep us safe. Bless all people, crystals, animals, and plants that live within.

May all beings that do not belong here go back through the portal they came in, I declare that there is no space here for you and you must depart.

Please seal and guard all energetic portals.

This house is now blessed, clean and safe,

Thank you angel of my house for acting in our highest and best interest.¨

Look at energetically cleaning your house as a new beginning. Additionally to this you may want to turn on music that raises your vibration, dust unloved corners of your house, and talk to any plants or flowers that are in your home. Change the plant soil and get new pots if needed. If you are a crystal person do a cleanse of your crystals by placing them in a copper bowl, selenite or on a grid. You can print off a Metatron´s cube grid or flower of life from the internet and let your crystals lay on them overnight. Any sacred geometry that you resonate with is fine. It's amazing what happens when you listen to your intuition and listen to guidance of the angel that resides and protects in and around your house. Have a pet? Don´t leave them out, maybe it is time for a new toy or collar.

Image source: Angel Prayer Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

Ask the angel that oversees your house for a sign when it is time to do a deep clean or just a little brush up. Once lines of communication are open ask your house angel to help you minimize expenses when things break in your house and even ask for a sign when it´s time to replace things in your house before something becomes dangerous or generally unsafe. It is amazing what messages and signs you will get when you show your house a little love and appreciation.

Wishing you many blessings wherever you live,



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