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Archangel Sandalphon: Deepen Your Foundation

This month I have been working with Diana Cooper´s Archangel Oracle cards almost daily. This deck has many uplifting messages of hope and definitely gives me a boost to start my day. In spiritual sessions I call in Archangel Sandalphon for protection but also as an angel that sends messages through music, he sends me bits of songs that might resonate with clients. It is comforting to be in his energy and I realised I have not yet written about him and how he works with me in spiritual practices. I hope my experiences can help you find a way to incorporate this strong but gentle energy in your various spiritual exercises.

Image source: Archangel Oracle by Diana Cooper

According to Diana Cooper he is the angel that you call on for help with your Earth Star chakra which is located below your feet. The Earth is moving to a fifth dimensional frequency and as we move with it this chakra is the first to anchor. I see it as Earth brown or a deep rustic red color. Diana Cooper sees it as black, then grey and as your energy rises or transforms it becomes a shimmering silver. This chakra holds your spiritual potential and joy. This chakra helps you connect to spiritual energies to ask for assistance. In this way, and in reading that from Diana Cooper it makes sense that if you are not grounded that you may have difficulty connecting spiritually. So when in doubt, ground, ground, and ground some more.

When you ground, imagine the Earth Star chakra is helping your energy stabilize and cleanse as you connect more deeply to the Earth, I imagine my energy, all that I have felt and experienced goes to my Earth Star chakra then I ask Mother/Earth/Gaia to help me ground and center myself. I send the energy through my Earth Star deep into the Earth and it is sent back to me cleansed and pure either in a gold, silver, or rainbow (or a combination of all three.) I think starting today I will call in Archangel Sandalphon as well to help me ground and cleanse my Earth Star chakra. Diana Cooper reminds us that when the Earth Star is anchored then the Stellar Gateway can open. The Stellar Gateway is another fifth-dimensional chakra that is located twelve inches above your head and is your gateway to source energy.

Sandalphon also takes prayers to heaven and sends songs and messages to people using music. Do you get a certain song stuck in your head from time to time? I have felt that it is a sign that Sandalphon is helping to deliver a message from heaven. It could be also that music gives me a great deal of joy, so I wonder if Sandalphon is the angel you call on for any activity that brings you joy as the potential for joy and your divine connection to source is activated through the Earth Star chakra.

Sandalphon calls on us to think of ways to strengthen our spiritual foundation and to think of ways to bring our world into harmony. Certainly, when we experience joy and harmony we access our own personal best versions of ourselves. So today I challenge you to make a list. What small things can you do daily to strengthen your joy and wellbeing? Then weekly? Monthly? Yearly? How can we ask Sandalphon to help us access our joy and harmony?

Try this today:

Dear Archangel Sandalphon,

Thank you for reminding me that harmony and joy exist in the world.

I ask you to show me daily small reminders of happiness.

Show me that there is time in every day to strengthen my spiritual practices.

Help me to find ways to improve in love and harmony.

When I fall let me feel no shame but only hope that tomorrow I will improve.

Allow me to remember that as long as I try to improve, I grow in joy and harmony within.

Thank you for your guidance.

And so it is!

Wishing you grounding, joy, and harmony,



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