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Archangel Uriel: Peace, Harmony and Balance

There is a massive sweep of energy coming in this week, my ears are ringing and there is a literally hum in the air. The time of May 31st/June 1st is pivotal for me because for the last five years or so, if I don't like the way something is going or see that I need to change something my brain flips a switch and I sit down and make myself a list of what needs to go and what needs to be improved in my life in the next six months. I woke up this morning with the same energy this year, however everything just seems MORE today, more urgent, more magical, more sunny and winds are blowing in every direction. So I went to my number one source for all things magical Diana Cooper; and here is what she said that floored me:

In her June ascension report she states June is a most amazing month, not only is it under the influence of Jupiter which is about expansion, abundance and things moving towards freedom but it also has the Summer Solstice...

What struck me about this statement is that I feel that golden expansive energy completely and totally today. I feel it wrapping around me. I pulled a card from the Archangel Oracle Cards and was not at all surprised to find Archangel Uriel. On my Instagram Archangel Uriel pops up more than any other angel and he will not be ignored. So let's see what he wants shall we? I feel like for my journey, 2021 is the year of Archangel Uriel. I call angels of peace into my home all the time, I cannot stand arguments. I call the angels of peace to fly in ahead of me everywhere I go and Archangel Uriel guides and leads the angels of peace. Here is a summary of what he does and who he is:

Archangel Uriel is an angel of peace, radiating a deep gold that holds ineffable wisdom, He also works on the Ruby Ray, which enables people to hold power with wisdom and communicate it to others....He is in charge of the Solar Plexus chakra, a huge psychic center that was once programmed to keep people safe by watching out for danger. He is now reprogramming it to seek out love and ancient wisdom. Archangel Uriel envisions the freedom and happiness of humanity and works indefatigably to dissolve anything that prevents this. If your aim is harmony and balance, he will help you to understand and release all that is outmoded within you.

Image source: Archangel Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

When you feel yourself falling into old patterns of panic or anxiety, Archangel Uriel and the Angels of Peace are there but they must be directed. Due to free will, they cannot help you unless you ask. But once you ask, they swoop in and shower you with energy to soothe situations. They can go to you, your family, or unstable situations in the world. The key here is that they must be asked. Try it! Write down what was going on in your day and call them in with specific directions to help you. How do you feel afterwards? Do you feel better? Did the situation improve? I feel Archangel Uriel would like me to leave a small visualization for you.

As I begin to meditate with this card I hear the song Green and Gold by Lianne La Havas. Who knew Archangel Uriel likes slow jams? The message is clear here for me. I tend to use pink and green energy for healing and sending love and he wants me to invoke him and use green and gold energy, with a dash of the ruby ray. Take a moment and envision this if you will. Imagine the three colors (green, gold and ruby) swirling around you each representing peace, harmony and balance. Let the energy of the three coulours wash over your body in waves and say to yourself:

Archangel Uriel,

May I remember to call these healing colors into my aura when I need peace.

May I call in the Angels of Peace ahead of me everywhere I go.

May I be an ambassador of peace in the world by mastering pace , harmony and balance in my life.

May it radiate out to all who connect and encounter my energy.

May I remember that peace, harmony and balance give me a freedom that I am ready to embrace at this time.

I send this green, gold, and ruby light out to my town and farther and may it radiate out and help others feel peace as well.

And so it is.

This month I will be making a meditation with Archangel Uriel and adding more meditations that are angel related that you can purchase on my site as well as a few free sound healings on my Youtube channel. I hope as always that my words and offerings bless your day in some way.

Wishing you peace and personal expansion always,


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