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Archangel Butyalil and Interdependence

Since I just opened Diana Cooper Archangel Oracle deck last night I thought I would use it to channel a few blogs. According to Diana Cooper Archangel Butyalil is a universal angel (meaning it is galactic) who works with the cosmic blueprint. With Metatron he oversees the stars and planets, ensuring they are where they are supposed to be, regulating huge cosmic currents as well as working with the angels of nature and inner Earth. He also works with unicorns. In other words, he should be a bigger deal in my opinion.

Image source: Archangel Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

If you are interested in this angel, you are ready to step into your own power and help others achieve love, peace, accord and goodwill. You are being called to encourage others to find the strength within themselves to heal themselves. How does this big job start? Interdependence is the answer. By definition this means that events and situations in one area or person depend on or are influenced by those in another area or group and most importantly this relationship is reciprocal. Plainly speaking, everything is connected and we are stronger if we help each other. Before we make decisions, we should realise that our actions have consequences and we need to make choices that lead to positive results.

We have to live intentionally realising that we are stronger energetically together than individually. This doesn´t mean that you have to go around being some sort of guru, but we have to weigh the consequences of our actions and try to live in a way that we help each other and not keep each other down. If this was a meme it would say ¨we aren´t competing, I want us all to win¨. Here is a channeled message from Archangel Butyalil:

Dear Ones,

Much as a small child wakes up and says I love everybody! You must intentionally take a few minutes every day to feel the love of the universe and send this love out to the unloved. Imagine the power of that intention if a hundred, thousand or million people did that daily. I can help you with this but only if you ask. Try saying this as often as you can remember:

Dear Universe,

I feel your unlimited love and potential

I send this love and potential to the unseen and unloved

May it fill them with purpose for the highest good of all

May we all live in such a way that we encounter opportunities expanding our horizons.

May we grab these opportunities for out highest good

May this expansion be exciting and filled with love and good will

I release myself from any timeline where this is harmful

I embrace flow, love, growth that is filled with light.

May my attempts at interdependence be an embrace of energetic love and light

It is so.

Wishing you opportunities for interdependence,


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