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Archangel Lavender and Soul Healing

Archangel Lavender helps with soul healing. When you work on soul healing you open your Soul Star chakra up more. Your soul star chakra (the 8th chakra) is one of the fifth dimensional chakras located 6 inches above the crown chakra. The white and gold chakra is often referred to the seat of the soul because it helps us to access akashic records, past lives and connects us to our higher self. Connecting with this chakra also helps us connect and feel the energy of the universe. I feel like I should add a disclaimer here saying other people may view this chakra differently and that is ok,

When you remember past lives or suddenly develop an interest in akashic records that to me is a sign that you higher self is ready to communicate with you and help you discover your life's purpose. This is a bit of background so you know which archangel to call upon to help you with the most difficult part of the higher self journey: Forgiveness.

Image source: Archangel Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

Archangel Lavender can help you with releasing anger, hurt and resentment from this lifetime and all lifetimes. When we do that we cleanse our soul star chakra; helping it to hum and vibrate so we can reach our highest potential. Is it easy? No, of course not, this is a lifelong journey. We are human and we cannot just snap our fingers and pretend everything is ok, but what we can do is actively try every day to release ourselves from the cage that resentment and anger creates for our soul. We deserve better than to be held hostage emotionally by the hurt others have given us. You deserve to release the negative emotions that do not belong to you. If someone has wronged you, you need to release that energy, they don't need to be tied to you energetically. By releasing the pain and anger, you create room in your life.

By making room energetically, you are more open to remembering your gifts, talents and wisdom. You release blocks and allow more love and flow into your life. I know, flow and love are two of my favourite spiritual words, but we need flow and love to not just survive but thrive in this journey we call life.

Here is an affirmation to help you:

Dear Archangel Lavender,

Wrap me now in your soft light purple energy as I begin my day.

Help me with my soul wounds.

Give me strength to release anger, resentment, and pain in this lifetime.

Allow me to find the strength to forgive this person or all people who hurt me.

In forgiving I release this person/these people from my life.

Let me have the strength to clear this lifetime and all lifetimes.

May I strive to forgive and release all pain from all lifetimes.

I am ready to be free.

I am ready to flow, love and release.

May forgiveness free me from those that harmed me.

Thank you Archangel Lavender for helping me clean and open my Soul Star Chakra.

I hope this powerful intention/affirmation sets you up for a deep healing and allows you to feel the unique, peaceful vibration of Archangel Lavender. Her energy is an interesting mix of peace and power that is unlike anything else I have ever felt. Call on Archangel lavender when you just don't have the strength to forgive and release on your own. Imagine her going to the other person and clearing any blocks they have created in your life. What a beautiful gift she gives us.

May you blessed by the power of forgiveness and find Strength in releasing the negative,


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