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Djwal Khul and happiness

Today I don't know what to write I sit in meditation, pull and card and try to tune in. I try not to cheat and reshuffle if I don't know or understand the card I pulled, who in the world is Djwal Khul?

Source: from Keepers of The Light by Kyle Gray

I work almost daily with Divine feminine energy and spirit has been pushing me into understanding and working with the divine masculine which is a new world for me. Using Kyle Gray's Keepers of the Light Oracle cards, I fight the impulse from my ego to reshuffle. According to the deck information, Djwal Khul (pronounced Dwaahhhl Cool) is an Ascended Master who was once a devotee of the Bhudda and also in another incarnation one of the three Wise Men who arrived after the birth of Jesus.

He is to be called upon to show seekers how to follow their Dharma; a Sanskrit word which means the right way of living. Dharma is found in many religious philosophies. In Hinduism, it is both the eternal order that rules the universe and the duty or law that governs one's life. Dharma is the very means in which one transcends suffering. We have social, political, and familial dharmas but the most important is our spiritual dharma. Just giving a basic definition here, I realise one could speak of Dharma and how to end suffering and reach transcendence for hours if not days or years.

I stop to meditate and here is what I got while automatic writing:

There are many ways in various beliefs to attempt to "overcome" and make peace with the suffering in your soul. While studying sacred texts and reading books of a spiritual nature is important, remember to tune into the universe through meditation. Your soul knows the path to happiness for your soul's highest good. Trust the divine order of the universe. When you listen to your angel guides know that I am there helping them with your life path, you only need to call my name and ask. It is up to you every day to decide whether you will take the hard path or the easy path in your life. The hard way is not always the road less traveled. If your faith is strong and you set strong intentions know that new timelines open up. You are a master of energy in your timeline. You can speak your path into existence. Say this and speak it into being:

I am happy in the here and now.

I am responsible for my own happiness.

The universe is a mirror to my desires.

When I feel love and peace the universe sends it back to me.

When I listen to the universe, my path is revealed.

With faith, I create beauty and happiness.

The universe wants me to know love, peace and happiness.

Djwal Khul please help me to see the path before me.

Illuminate the correct path for my highest and best outcome.

Djwal Khul is working with our angelic teams to help us see our soul path and create a deep knowing within ourselves. We have the keys to create a beautiful reality. When your hand is clenched in worry or anger you cannot receive. When you are happy, or at least searching for contentment you see what is waiting for you and don't miss it when the signs are there.

He shows me a path laid out before me and with every new decision I make, new paths open. He points to the smooth path and shows me the more I meditate the more I see the smooth path. It's a bit of a shock to realise that not every moment of my life needs to be a struggle. I don't know about you, but I'm happy to know that it's ok to have faith, trust the universe, and just try to be happy or at least ok. And guess what, if you don't do so well today, try again tomorrow. There is no shame is picking yourself up and trying again, we all do it.

Wishing you smoother paths today and tomorrow,


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