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Shake it Out - Literally!

I have decided that from time to time I will share messages from my strongest ability: Clairaudience. This is the ability to receive or perceive as if by hearing what is inaudible. It is the ability of a person to hear an intuitive vocal message and can be a knowing or actual voices. Let me be clear this is an ability with clear boundaries, I only allow messages in for the highest good and positive purposes. If you ever hear anything or anyone telling you to do something harmful or negative get help!

For me I usually hear music and then I hear a message in the music or a spirit will chat while the music is playing. I like messages from guides via music, it feels friendlier and less abrasive than a spirit standing in front of me and demanding to be heard. For me, it works in a lot of ways, I will have a song randomly play on one of my devices or it will jump out and demand to be seen. I usually meditate to the song or even do a form of automatic writing that looks like a trance or a writer deep in the zone. It is like an aha moment or an immediate download of a conversation or file. If I have to really work on it, it is not clear and I do not use that information.

Today the song they want me to use is Shake it Out by Florence and the Machine. The lyrics that they ask I focus on are

¨I've been a fool and I've been blind, I can never leave the past behind, I can see no way. I'm always dragging that horse around, all of his questions such a mournful sound, tonight I am going to bury that horse in the ground. So I like to keep my issues strong, but it's always darkest before dawn. Shake it out. It's hard to dance with the devil on your back so shake him off.¨

This song means a lot of things but in this moment this is my spirit team´s way of reminding me that my old ways of stuffing negative experiences down and ignoring them is not going to work anymore. Time to face things, feel the emotion. Thank the universe for the lesson and literally send the memory away with love. I have to learn to say ok that happened, I learnt from it but I refuse to let this negative thing define me. This thing happened to me, it is not of me. Facing the darkness is important but you don't get extra points from the universe every time you shout look at me I am working on my shadow. Usually my guides will say ok, you see it, you honor the experience, but how are you going to cut the ties you have to it? Only then can you think about freedom. Let me tell you, whenever I think I am free from a memory, here comes a trigger.

One of my guides is really annoyed with me, he says don´t you get it? You need to take all that energy you wasted being sad and transmute it to fuel to create something positive and powerful. When you admit that you have the power to use your emotions to fuel creativity, there is no stopping you, or anyone, it acts as fuel for greatness. Emotions either tear you down and destroy you or are fuel for creation. Your free will is what determines what happens. This is why the spirit world wants so desperately for humans to see you all have power within to co-create and manifest a better reality. It starts with each person.

Image source: Cosmic Reading Cards by Nari Anastarsia

Our emotions make us beautiful. My guides have me pull the above card simply titled Emotions. They are a gift that should be felt. They should not be used to control us but are tools to help us be truer versions of ourselves.

Affirmation for today:

Dear Universe,

My emotions are powerful.

They allow me freedom.

I send away with love the emotions I have worked through to grow.

Dear universe, please give me experiences filled with love and happiness as I recognize the experiences that were painful. They allowed me to grow and I am now ready to create beautiful experiences in my life.

Wishing you light and flow,



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