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Who am I? An introvert that works with Angels and Goddesses

Who am I? What do I do? Quite simply, I am an introvert that likes to work with angelic and goddess energy. I thought I would tell you a bit about me in case you do not know me. Where are my introverted friends and readers? I am SUCH an introvert. I like my own company and I do not have a massive group of friends. I am much better one on one rather than in a huge group. I can go out and laugh and chat in a big group but I enjoy being at home surrounded by my favorite people and things I love in my home. That sounds like a true introvert right?

The most shocking thing to me about doing spiritual work is putting myself out there in the scary online world and trying not to care if people like me. No matter who you are, at some point in your life you want people to approve of or like you. When you are a quiet person who is nervous to make eye contact and talk to people, this work can be challenging because personal sessions are all about interpersonal relationships and trust. I have to trust that the people who resonate with me will find me and people who like my work will return. I also hate to waste words, so I speak plainly and try to get to the point quickly which can shock some. Honestly, sometimes I am surprised I am not a librarian working in a basement of a university somewhere. When I work and am ¨on¨ a calm comes over me and I feel the energy flow, I love that feeling.

Me on a holiday in Bordeaux, France

I love magic, and often feel I have one foot in the everyday world and one foot in a dimension of daydreams, magic and all things that are impossible are indeed possible. I also love roses, France, and appreciate food and beautiful objects, and music. I spent the days in-between Christmas and New Year binge-watching Harry Potter, so I have a new boost of magical thoughts in my head this month. I take long walks and collect sticks, shells, and rocks. I am a planner, a thinker, and a list maker. What is funny is that when I tune in and listen to my spirit team, many of my guides are extroverts with a capital E. I suppose I should be grateful because if I did not listen to some of their ideas, I would seldom leave my house, A prime example is the idea of a spiritual fair. The idea of setting up a booth with some cards ready to give readings absolutely unnerves me. My guides say I will do this when things open back up where I live and I will enjoy it. So, I wait and make plans and trust that things will happen however they are meant to happen. They have a lot of projects and plans for me, and I try to roll with them with a lot of trust.

I have always been able to see light beings. I see orbs of all colors, shapes, and sizes all day. They comfort me, I would feel alone if I did not see them. Orbs bring peace and joy. As a child, I saw angels everywhere and they would tell me things about people. Odd things, like oh he is sad today, ask him how he is or avoid that person today they are angry. I still get messages like this all the time which I appreciate. In the last three years, I have learned to set up working hours and use cards with pictures of angels, goddesses, and ascended masters to connect with the energy to give and receive messages. Once a month I give loved ones a chance to come through in spirit circles. I always ask that all messages and sessions be for the highest good and are given with love. I also offer guardian angel messages that you can frame and crystals that come with the messages. I do a lot of reiki, sound healing, clearing and specialize in helping people help themselves with anxiety. I often get asked if spirits barge in and the truth is, time and space work differently than that. I always see and hear something but when I am not working I turn down the volume or blur my psychic vision so I can live my life. Sometimes in quiet moments, I may get small interruptions but it may be so I can quickly help or I get a ¨ping¨ to look at something... like a psychic bookmark that I go back to examine when I have the time and am working.

I offer a range of sessions but if you do not see what you need let me know. I am very honest about whether or not I can do something and if I can try something I know someone who can. Lastly, every now and then I get messages from famous people, mostly musicians I think because I get a lot of signs and messages from music. Music has such a healing power emotionally that I have always felt. Musicians in spirit are naturally the most unruly, but I have a lovely guide that helps me with them. When I see his scarf and hat out of the corner of my eye, I know the doorbell will ring and someone will be there soon. Recently, I was getting ready to go to bed, and the day she died, I saw Betty White, and she said:

Excuse me dear I was following my guardian angel but got lost a moment. Don´t be mad I jumped the line. Can you show me where to go? A bit shocked, I said sure, Archangel Gabriel is around here somewhere he will show you where to go. And then I hear oh there is the door! This jumping is fun! Apologies, they told me you would know what to do...

I just continued drinking my water and said sure Ms. White, no problem. Then when I finished my water I thought... did that really happen? I don´t know. Life is interesting. I know I am always protected and I enjoy spiritual work. And most of the time, I am very glad I get to meet interesting spirits and clients, so I am never bored and am extremely grateful for this beautiful and strange line of work that hardly ever feels like work and is more of an adventure. I hope you feel like you understand what I do a little better now, and feel free to reach out to me when needed.

Where can you find me?

- Send me an email

Love, Light, and Peace,



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