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What is a Spirit Circle?

Have you ever attended a spirit circle? I enjoy them because every spiritual practitioner/medium has a signature approach to this event. On a basic level, they provide a fun and poignant evening as messages come through from loved ones. For me, I light a candle, set the intention; and give whatever messages come in. Once I have set what I consider a sacred space for love and the highest energies possible, ask what each person would like to get out of the evening. I feel speaking what you desire creates it into being, so if I can then say aloud "ok, everyone wants to hear from an angel, from a loved one, then I want a group meditation, I don't waste anyone's time. I feel it is important for me to set a road map of the evening for spirit, otherwise, they all shout at once. I always tell them, the social rules that applied in life also apply here, everyone needs to be respectful and take turns. All my clients are lovely, but a spirit, the spirits can be unruly if rules aren't in place.

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I want everyone who comes to me to feel uplifted, loved, and healed if needed. You get group messages, individual messages, and a small meditation to receive messages while in a relaxed state. I decided recently to add a meditation at the end of the circle because when I first started clients would ask to hear from mom or dad but suddenly great auntie Helen would show up and start shouting over mom or dad so I use the meditation so many loved ones who want to get in a quick message can but they aren't stealing time away from the person who they really want to hear from. I think of spirit circles as a heavenly family reunion but I ask that it is heartfelt, down to earth, and fun. I only ask that spirit is helpful and loving.

Recently, I decided to make my October spirit circles themed. I work mostly with angelic and goddess energy and after I did a few with angel energy and family messages, I felt the pull to try goddess energy for October because many clients are looking to manifest love or abundance, and goddesses of light are great for this. Waiting to help you this month is Goddess Brigid Celtic goddess of the home, hearth, and creativity, Uzume, the Japanese goddess of Mirth/Joy, and Ascended Master Kuan Yin who I consider a goddess of knowing your true self as she helps you love yourself more fully.

I offer spirit circles online every other month and if there is ever a bigger demand for them, I will schedule more as needed. I am already getting information for December and can't wait to bring in fairies and nature spirits who heal anxiety and winter blues.

I do my best to offer things that my main guides Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, and Archangel Zadkiel find healing and helpful. I find that my spiritual purpose is to help others take steps towards peace and happiness for themselves. The world needs more love and peace, and while nobody is perfect, I try to help others see the love and perfection that exists in small moments of time. If you resonate with this idea, come check it out!

Come and join my spirit circle on:

Wishing you all much Love, Light, and Abundance,


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