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A Message from Chester Bennington

Full disclosure, I was a 90s rock teen. I wear that badge with pride. I firmly believe most of those songs and artists are poets and like most poets; many are truly tortured. There are many theories out there about why this is.... Perhaps they are indigos who rage against injustice or crystals who can't take the heaviness of this reality. Maybe like me they were taught it is better to be seen than heard and only good children are silent children. Maybe they never had anyone tell them how to deal with big emotions like anger and depression.

There are also theories that some of our late rock heroes died at the hands of others in a cover-up. To be honest, when most of them visit me they never want to address that because they say that it doesn't matter. Things like that seem less important to them on the other side. Another truth, talking to famous dead people is weird and usually, when I see it I give hard eye rolls so trust and believe, I get it. But my truth is my truth and I must push on and deliver certain messages in hopes that the right people get it at the right time.

So these souls that end up as musicians really made some beautiful music and were labeled alternative. I have had a few visit me but today I have with me, Chester Bennington. He rang my doorbell in August and has waited patiently until October for his turn to talk. There are quite a few videos out there of other mediums that he has spoken to and I admit, I have watched a few. I think though for today he comes in giving a pep talk that he wants to share. So as I type this, I will tell you what I hear as he stands across from me in a black beanie (hat) and sunglasses. He is accompanied by Archangel Azriel the Angel of Birth and Death.

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From Chester:

"I thank you for taking the time to read this. I come forward to offer words of truth and maybe a bit of hope because the months after the summer heading into winter are hard ones for many. There are waves of family trauma that for some reason typically play out during the holidays. In most of the world, holidays begin in September and keep coming hard and fast until January. If you add this trauma to sensitive souls who are awakening to the truth of trauma and trying to heal, this is a volatile combination.

I was a soul who struggled to heal from tragedy and loss and I just didn't have the bandwidth/the capacity to get out of my head. My inner voice was negative and I would go inward. When I went inward it was a bad neighborhood to hang out in. I would talk myself into the lowest of the lows and I couldn't escape it. It hurt to feel. I didn't know I was an empath and there were tools to protect my energy. It was like all the sunlight would disappear and I was fighting to find the sun.

I want to help others with this. Find someone to help you. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Buy the lamps for extra sunlight if you live where it is dark. Find a friend to go out with and do something healthy. If you feel the past coming for you remember to take inventory of the good things in your here and now. Don't hold on to what you no longer have. It's ok to start again every day if you must. This isn't the end or the beginning, it's ok to be somewhere in the middle and keep trying to get up and do your best. You are not a failure. You are never a failure as long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other. Have you ever heard my songs Heavy or One More Light? In One More Light, my message stays true. I want your light to stay in the world. Don't leave too early. Every soul matters. Every light matters. You matter!

Stay strong


I think there isn't a lot I can add to that. Chester speaks for himself and the song 'One More Light' is beautiful. Do listen to it if you can.

Reach out if you need help and know you are loved and are enough.

Hoping you see your value today and always,



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