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Seeing Crows? The Morrighan Magic

Feeling the call of the Celts? You might have had a life with them and been a follower of the Morrighan. This goddess is so misunderstood. The goddess of death and magic is not evil and is only scary if you are hurting others. If you hurt woman or children you will get her wrath and sorry but if that happens you probably deserve it. The song that plays as I try to channel a message from her is Planets of the Universe by Stevie Nicks followed by Sisters of the Moon by Fleetwood Mac.

Image source: Goddess Power by Colette Baron-Reid

The Morrighan oversees the natural order of things, Your life is a gift and when you pass the gift is given back and then returned to you when you are born again. Those that do not see the magic in life fear her. Many times in your life you will feel like your life is torn apart or massively in a state of upheaval. When this happens call upon the Morrighan to fill up your energy with magic. She sends you energy to see the magical power that lives in us all. Doing healing, meditation or helping someone and hear a crow? The Morrighan is pleased to see you use your magic to help others and is sending crows to send the energy where it needs to go. The crows are her messengers and protectors of positive healing magic. As long as you respect the laws of the universe, the Morrighan will give you the green light to carry on and help yourself and others. Here is the channel for the Celtic Goddess of Death and Magic:

I come to you this day to ask you what fear do you need to purge? What has ruled your life keeping your blessings in chains? Feel what you need to feel and honour it, Pushing things down cause pain and anxiety. Honour it and release the emotion. Good magic needs to begin where healing has occurred. The pain needs to be released so goof magic the magic that comes from your soul can thrive. Are you ignoring something? Face it so you can move forward. The rewards of a soul that has worked through the darkness and healed are many. Do you see the light in my hands? This reminds you that your magic is firmly in your hands. I will help if asked but the amount you give and recieve is entirely up to you.

May you realise and feel your own magic today and every day,



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