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Celtic Magic of Cerridwyn

Pronounced Ker-RID-Wen this goddess of Celtic Welsh lore can be considered dark by some because in Welsh lore she pursued an enemy but allowed him to live. She transformed into a hawk and then a hen all in the pursuit of a man who stole something from her son. The enemy was clever and there was a great chase. The enemy transformed into a baby, and she did not have it in her to harm him so she allowed him to live. This enemy who stole wisdom from her son became an important figure in Welsh history a great poet.

Image source: Goddess Power Oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid

In modern times she is the keeper of a sacred cauldron, inside flows a golden liquid of transformation. Maybe it is the cauldron, but I see her clearly today on the 31st of October as I write this. When I think of all that is magical and mysterious I think of Cerridwen. The Welsh say she holds AWEN the threefold ability of prophesy, poetic wisdom, and inspiration. She is a shapeshifting goddess who makes potions of great power.

She is the keeper of the spiritual transformation and if you are going through one, you may feel her mysterious energy. She shows us that the old ideas or situations must die or end for new transformation to occur and that this does not have to be something based on fear.

Like Brigid, she is a triple goddess meaning she can show herself as a mother, maiden, or crone. Her cauldron symbolizes the womb of manifestation and also includes deep transformative magic and wisdom. When she appears a change is soon upon you or desperately needed.

She is a goddess of change and action. Manifesting is a mix of faith and action and Cerridwyn brings in all the ingredients for action and change. There is a price however, she will not help you if you are only looking to help yourself. She will help you if you are trying to do work to benefit many. Her magic is powerful and must be invoked for the highest good. If she comes to you, it is a sign to be ready to learn, change and manifest a massive change.

Here is an invocation you may want to use:

Goddess of Transformation Cerridwyn,

I call you now and ask for your powerful inspiration.

I ask that your energy be utilized for the highest good so that I may help many now and in the future.

May creativity, purpose, and action flow freely through me.

May my transformation be for my highest good and for the highest good of those I assist.

Thank you for the gifts you bestow upon me and may I use them well.

Gratitude and Blessings to the followers of Magic and Light

And so it is.

May Cerridwyn bless you with Inspiration and Transformation,


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