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My Friend Maurice

So I think I have established nothing is ever really normal around my house. I act like things are normal for my family but there is a lot going on that they do not see or hear. Sometime in the fall of 2018 Amy Winehouse came to me in a dream and asked if she could be a guide for my son. I thought I was having a pregnancy induced hallucination when it happened again late at night a month later when I could not sleep. She showed up a few times over my pregnancy and just watched me making comments and then one night she said

¨Just so you know you have some dark, crazy energy in your house you need somebody to get in here and get rid of it.¨ I was not sure what to do so I mentioned to my husband that we should look into a house clearing then forgot about it.

The next night I lay in bed and it sounded like a herd of elephants came crashing through my front door. It sounded like a small party of grown men were running up my stairs laughing and shouting. There were stomping and shouting and I heard footsteps in the attic and what sounded like a fight. There was banging on my bedroom door and this ENERGY of about 5-10 souls comes tumbling in the room. For a split second I see a man with a suit and fedora and he says "I hear you need protection so I´m here with my boys. I got some nasty weird shit trapped upstairs so avoid that until you can get somebody in here to get rid of it. Keep your baby sleeping next to you in the room til the dark shit is evicted. I got messages for ¨yuz¨ when you wake up so we will wait downstairs for ya. We got time."

He then turns around and yells "Boys I'm talkin´ here so shut the fuck up and stop acting like a bag of dicks." I then hear a lot of male voices say "Yeah ok stop acting like a dick, no you stop." Maurice turns around and says "All of ya your gonna wake the baby STOP." Immediate silence. Then I hear a different voice say "Hey lady, your baby is kinda cold, add some more layers or something." Another younger voice says "And what the hell do you know about babies Mikey?" Maurice then says "Right so I'm Maurice and these are my boys, we are all family of Gia. (She is my friend and an amazing multidimensional healer.) We will be back in the morning to talk to you. Remember, you do something for me and I do something for yuz it is how it works."

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The next morning Maurice tells me a few things to pass along to his daughter but only after I ignore my table shaking, and cabinets banging for a few hours. Maurice wanted to work right away but I was not in the mood. I sent the messages and then he told me how things were gonna be. He said "The spiritual security in this house is a complete shit show, I am gonna leave these jokers at home and come back with some of my serious associates. We are gonna energetically clean up your house, give you a back bone and you do stuff for me and I do stuff for you. By the way I am gonna be a guide so listen for the song The Joker by the Steve Miller Band... its got that line some people call me Maurice so you will always know it is me."

All my guides have a song, it is a thing, and it helps me figure out who is talking to me. So things went on like this for a while I would pass on messages and then get something free or massively on sale when I shared the messages he wanted me to share. He even showed me a good Italian restaurant in my town because he said Dutch pasta is the saddest thing he has ever seen. Fast forward to my training in trance channeling and we get to the part where I need a guide to help keep people and celebrities in line and under control. Suddenly, I hear, ¨Hey I been watching, I do not go in for all that weird galactic stuff but being a bouncer for celebrities, I can do that. People listen to me, me and my boys can do that. Besides I get to be more than one place at a time and there are spiritual perks to being an official guide.¨

So here we are, my massive group of guides includes Maurice, the dad of my great friend. He is kind of scary when he ís mad, very generous, has good advice and takes no shit off of anybody. I naturally do not swear a lot but when I hear that line some people call me Maurice, I know he is blowing in like a hurricane and somebody famous wants to talk to me. To date, Maurice has brought in David Bowie, Anthony Bourdain, Michael Hutchence (who he calls Pretty Boy), Sid and Nancy, Lemmy (one of the Ramones), and Nancy´s friend Cyrinda Foxe just to name a few. But his favourite and also at the same time least favourite is Amy Winehouse. She is very nice but when she is in the mood to chat and he tries to stop her, well lets just say there is a lot of wind blowing by my front door and stairs. One thing Maurice has done for me is he has taught spirits to knock or ring the doorbell and sometimes they even make appointments now. One thing Maurice and Amy agree on though, they both say I need to do a better job of self-promotion and cut the ¨hermit¨ act. As Maurice would say "Am I right? Yuz need to get it together Meg. Rome was not built in a day, but come on we gotta get to work."

People tell me this is an interesting story. All I can tell you is being a psychic is equally challenging and fun. It's nice knowing somebody in the spirit world has my back even if he is very critical of my pasta.

May you have many interesting people in your life in spirit and in life,



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