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Mother Mary Energy

From a young age, I have seen a woman standing over me usually behind me but sometimes out of the corner of my eye. She is my master teacher guide, Mother Mary. I have always seen her, when my other guides are only murmurs or flashes in my side vision; I often see her seated in a chair or at the table next to me. She is called or summoned by children naturally so wherever there are children, she is there.

Mother Mary energy is for all, regardless of age, gender or nationality. She embodies all that is good and none of the negative aspects of the word mother. I gravitate more toward the divine feminine energy, so I remember as a young child when I was asked to draw Jesus in Sunday school I would often ask if I could draw Mary. If I had to pray to Jesus in church, as a total rebellion I would pray to Mary in my mind. In my childhood thinking if she visited me every day then she should be the one I ask for help. If she raised Jesus then he must have learnt what he knew of compassion and strength from her surely? This hypothesis was not well received at my church when I was 10 or so so after that I kept this logic to myself. Additionally, lots of people have done awful things using the name of Jesus but I never heard anyone say Mother Mary says we need to exclude this person or be hateful to that person. So here I am over the age of 40, fairly certain that young me had the right idea about Mother Mary.

I’ve actually seen Jesus now a few times in meditation and while I am more comfortable with his rather hippie-like energy (think George Harrison with a little John Denver vibe thrown in) I still gravitate to Mary.

Image source: Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild and Shiloh Sophia McCloud

For this blog, I pulled the card Our Lady of Divine Presence which is a beautiful representation of Mother Mary in a gold light with a crown of roses. Roses are beautiful but strong flowers, and deeply connected to the divine feminine. Rose petals also make me think of chakras and when our chakras are clear and running smoothly I see the energy as spinning rose petals. You see, Mother Mary helps us with self-love and if you struggle with accepting yourself, with fully comprehending that we are a spark of divine energy created by Source, Mother Mary helps us to see that we are enough.

Many of us have heart, higher heart, and throat chakra issues when we don’t love who we are. I struggle with speaking my truth so that is the blue chakra, so I see Mother Mary’s crown as blue. I often see her in a white robe with a blue crown and pink and green light radiating out of her aura. Pink and green are the stones I use for love and healing so it makes sense that those are the colours that I see. Here is a mantra you can use to feel her energy draw near:

Mother Mary, please help me now.

I love myself fully, for you remind me to do so every day.

Mother Mary please help me to release old pain and begin to heal.

I accept all parts of who I am, for you show love to all.

Mother Mary, use your gentle energy to clear my heart chakra.

I deserve to exist. I have a place here on Earth.

Mother Mary clear my throat chakra, for you remind me my opinions have value.

Please clear any aspect of myself that needs to honour and accept divine love.

May I accept my value on Earth as you accept me, without question.

Blessings to all.

Wishing you the love and embrace of the Heavenly Mother,



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