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Mama Killa: No, There is Something Better Coming

The Incan goddess of the moon has quietly been waiting her turn for a blog. I ask her what she would like to remind us about and she is very clear. No is a complete sentence. No is an answer. At this early point in the blog, she asks me to play a song on Spotify. She leads me to a song called "Tomate El Palo" by Miss Bolivia, or "Drink the stick" which is Argentinian slang for impolitly saying Go Away. She is equal parts joyful energy but also this fiery South American mom energy like she could turn on me any second. If you know that energy, you understand. I often call it ¨I will smack you upside the head with a wooden spoon grandma energy.¨

Image source: Goddess Power by Colette Baron-Reid

So to be clear she is not telling us to go away but rather this, when the universe tells you no, respect it and rethink your request. If you ask again you could get big Tomate El Palo energy or Go the heck away with that request it is not good for you. She also tells me to tell her ¨children¨ that she loves the phrase that actually maybe I should not write because I think it is rude in Spanish which in Argentina means Don´t waste your time on idiots. So I guess if you ask for something that is not good for you, check with Mama Killa, she will let you know right away if something is a good idea. If you have a sudden urge to look at the moon and dance that is big Mama Killa energy.

I cannot resist the playful fiery energy today, but I will try to get a serious channel from her today. Whenever she finishes dancing. The picture on the card is actually unfortunate because when I see her she is constantly smiling or smirking a bit, She is so confident in her power she does not need to be too serious or scary. Also I told her my Spanish is not that great but she does not care so I am channelling while listening to something called Miss Bolivia Radio on Spotify.

Dear Children,

Is your energy in alignment? Are you pushing your will upon divine timing? Please remember if you feel and hear no from the universe that is often because you have something bigger and better coming. Additionally, it could be that you have someone or something in your life that does not belong there and must be removed before the blessing can come to fruition. Sometimes one cycle must come to a complete stop before something new can begin. You do not stop the dance mid song and start a new song? No? If you are confused ask for a sign or a clue from above for a way to reframe or reword your request. Think bigger and finish one cycle before you jump into something new. Remember the conditions of your life are ever changing. The universe is waiting for you to trust divine timing. It is a miracle and life shift darling, not a drive through order. Don't forget to dance while you wait.

Wishing you many blessings in Divine Timing,



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1 Comment

Anita Elliott
Anita Elliott
Apr 08, 2021

I think I needed to hear this today <3 Don't forget to dance while you wait <3 Sincerely xo Souldancer

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