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Hestia: Greek Goddess of the Hearth and Home

We all have guides in spirit that help us. When I was 18, I had my first conversation with my protection guide Hestia. Her Greek name is Hestia and her Roman name is Vesta. I met her outside the temple of the Vestal Virgins in Rome. I was in a huge crowd and the tour guide was going on about how if the fires went out the goddess was proclaiming that one of the vestal virgins would be sacrificed to appease her wrath. I see a woman, in full body apparition say ¨oh he is so full of shit, that is a complete lie. Priests killed those girls when they gave a prediction they did not like, they would douse the fire with water and then blame it on the will of Vesta. Complete. and . utter. lies. Those girls were holy oracles and whenever the men killed one, something catastrophic would happen." She stood to my right and was talking in my ear, but nobody else was noticing her. She looked a lot like the woman in the card.

I remember looking around thinking oh I am going to stand here and have a psychotic episode, this is fun. Still seeing her she told me to get a grip and listen up. She told me she was a protection guide and that her one job was to keep me alive. She told me I was going to see more and more into the realms of the unseen. As the years go by, I am often reminded of how special and sacred that moment was. I was untrained in any spiritual arts and on her temple site, she visited me to tell me who she was and what she does for me. The visit could not have lasted more than five minutes at most. I have never seen her since, but I hear her often when I am sending protection to clients or working on them with reiki. I hope to return to Rome and visit the site again or find mention of Hestia in Greece.

Image source: The Divine Feminine by Meggan Watterson

If you would like to know more about her Greek personification, Meggan Watterson writes that she is the daughter of Cronos and Rhea. Her brother is Zeus and she is the tender of the Olympian hearth. She is known for her calm, abiding presence and tremendous kindness. In ancient Greek culture, as a new city was established, flame from the mother city would be brought to the new city and placed in the center. Hestia and her fire is the center of community.

When you light a fire for comfort or grounding I believe a part of you is calling out to Hestia/Vesta and remembers that past life. Hestia/Vesta is to be called upon for safety, stability, family and community. She is a beautiful being that is not called upon nearly enough. When you need her help, just ask and imagine her golden flames of protection around you.

An affirmation From Hestia for today:

I call upon the energy of Hestia.

I honour the safety within myself.

I honour and love myself.

I reject all attempts by my ego to self harm.

Home and sanctuary are honoured within myself.

Thank you Hestia for reminding me that home lies within.

Home is wherever there is love, kindness, and support.

May you always feel supported,



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