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Hecate and the Bridge

Being a psychic medium is weird, no doubt, but this story stretches your beliefs if you are a skeptic no question. What can I say? If you are reading this you are probably my sort of people anyway and love the multidimensional. Last year, after I became a Holy Fire Reiki master, spirits came to me asking for help to cross the bridge to what they called "the central location" on the other side. From what I gather, I help them find the bridge and it leads to a building that acts as a welcome center/ orientation center. I stand at one end with my team in spirit and the family and spirit teams of the "lost" soul wait for him or her as a welcoming committee on the other side. It takes a lot of energy and training. There are many ways to do it correctly and even more ways to do it unsafely if you are careless. It's something you should never try without supervision or training.

I found out I could do this bridge crossing because I had two family members in spirit ask me to do this within six months of each other. Each time my beautiful reiki teacher showed me how to help them. I remember sitting there thinking well this is a completely useless skill, I'm not going to get paid to do this, right? How silly, spirit always has a plan. But first the beginning the story of Hecate and my uncles.

Image source: Goddess Power by Colette Baron-Reid

My uncles avoided the light on the other side for different reasons. The first one who I will call B, wandered around my house for months. I told him wandering around must be boring so he might as well cross over and see if he can find something to do. He had a weird way of looking at me but not really talking much, not much had changed from life to death. When he wanted to cross over, he was cagey, unsure if his mother would be there. He carried a lot of shame and he was afraid he was going to have to explain some of his actions. He was also afraid his guardian angel wouldn't be there. He finally saw an opportunity during my reiki training to ask someone for help, but he said I had to be there.

Waiting for him on the bridge was a beautiful woman, she was Hecate the shepherdess of lost souls, she is the one who collects you when you are lost. If you have no particular affinity to angels, deities or higher power in this life, or for some reason think you are unworthy, Hecate will come and help you when you cross over from this plane to the next. At the time, she only told me her name and I thought ok, she is here to protect him from anything that can harm him. She didn't correct me, she just collected him and walked him to his mother and guardian angel. She really didn't say much to me other than "I am Hecate".

The next time I saw her, we were crossing over my other uncle. This time she told me that sometimes souls don't want to leave because they don't realise they can cross over and visit, they think the afterlife will be as confining as the life they lived, not realising that when they are multidimensional they move through time and space and can even be many places at once ,depending on the soul. I asked Hecate why she was there and she said this was a new skill and she was there to oversee it. She is the goddess of the in-between, the patroness of those who move people into the world and out of the world. She comes to those that call and protects the portal, whether it is a portal of death or birth. She is also the goddess of witches, shamans, and those who "see" and protects those with good intentions. She is quite fiery, and often comes in with an attitude of "oooh are there any bad spirits here, I'm hungry and need to eat." She has an acquired sense of humor. She actually told my uncle "so are we doing this or what, I'm busy"? Is he always so annoying?

A week after my uncles left, something even more bizarre happened. Famous spirits asked me to cross them. In future blogs I will share the stories if they want me to, but for now, I will say that Hecate stands with me at all bridge crossings and makes them pay an energetic price. It's really not that strange, but they must pay the energetic debt with the blessing of Hecate. She says portal services are sacred and fees should be paid. They must also agree to contact me politely and not barge in at all hours of the day and night in the future if they want my help. As guardians go, she is more demanding of the spirits than of me.

Hecate has also helped me with some not so nice spirits. The ones who try to cross without agreeing to the energy exchange get the fierce side of her which is bizarre and amazing all at once to see. I'm not sure what happens exactly there but they essentially she acts as a bouncer for me so I'm not harmed. I had a spirit bothering some children and Hecate told him he could go in peace or she could escort him away. Next thing I know Mary Magdalene has one arm, Hecate the other and he was gone, mid-session. There have even been some famous people where she along with my guides pulled them back in line, as in wait your turn, no line skipping, we don't care how famous you are. It may sound strict, but she tells me that there are laws of the universe that must be followed. Rules exist for a reason so that I'm safe and Hecate will shut down a session if I'm not being safe and have forgotten something.

As the veil thins this week (hard eye roll from Hecate here) she says the veil is always thin if you are plugged in; consider lighting a candle and asking her for protection. She often works with angels and the Marys and helps those who work for the highest good of all. And if she comes to you, chances are she already has helped you without you realising it, so say thank you if you can. On a side note she says she rescues people who mess with ouija boards, so please make her life easier and step away from the board this Halloween please and thank you.

Wishing you blessing from many strong-willed goddesses,


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