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Florida Water, Camphor Water and Mother Mary

I had to go to my hometown immediately without much notice this month and as soon as I walked into the apartment in Virginia, I was like no Ma'am this is not gonna work. The air felt heavy and I saw all kinds of weird energy in the place. It was thick with anger, frustration, and sadness. I tried all kinds of modalities and I finally said that I’m going to have to find a metaphysical shop and just explain what is going on and see what they say.

The apartment is small so burning sage or sweetgrass wasn’t really an option. I found this really great shop in Norfolk, Virginia called Kindred Spirit and immediately felt at home.

You fill the lid of camphor water and add it to 8 ounces of water and spray it in the space that feels heavy. At the most use a tablespoon per quart of water. This solution is good for clearing spaces of low energies, anywhere where there has been negative emotions, sadness, or depression. I called in the angels as I sprayed it and made sure I had a window open and that there were no animals, or other people near the spray. The air still felt a bit heavy so I added a few drops of Florida water to 8 ounces of water and spayed the space again. Make sure with both that you are careful, and don’t spray it near people, breathing it in is not a great idea, you need to be alone and have a window or door open, and absolutely no flames. They are both FLAMMABLE and should not be around children/babies etc.

After spraying I cleared more using the pendulum and finally feel a bit more comfortable in the space. I was really curious about the Florida water as this was the first time I had used it so I will share with you the top five uses for Florida water.

  • It enhances cleansing rituals

  • Protects from personal negativity

  • Creates Balance (you can spray a bit on your neck, feet etc the way you might an expensive perfume, use sparingly)

  • Repels negativity in the environment

  • Dispells the vibe of stress and depression that hangs in the air after someone has gone full negative Nelly on you.

For more information, read the full article “28 Ways to use Florida Water” on

When I finished the spraying, pendulum clearing and sensing reiki; I then called in my master teacher guide Mother Mary and she sent a beautiful blue light through the space. This is absolutely what I call a deep cleansing ritual and it may need to be repeated once every two or three weeks depending on who shared the space. If you have to do it more often than that, a house clearing may be in order. Ahem, I do those too….in person in the Netherlands or distance (just contact me). Mother Mary escorts spirits right out and it I really cool to see.

Happy Cleansing! Here is a little something you can say as you cleanse:

Archangels and spirit team gather round me now and protect me as I cleanse and purify this space. Keep me safe and guarded as these energies leave. I declare that you have no dominion here and must leave now in the name of Mother Mary and Mother/Father God. And so it is.

Wishing you clear spaces and high vibes,



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