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Cosmic Connections and Timelines

Something has been driving me crazy lately. Timelines, oh timelines how you taunt me. I see them all around me, how one altered action creates a new one. My mind is always thinking about what is, what could be and what will be. Timelines undulate and move like living cobwebs all around me.

I see possible timelines in gold and silver and I desperately want to tell someone a date or time to an event but something truly stressful has happened to this sight I have since Summer 2020, they look like a ball of yarn that a cat got trapped inside. It's the one thing I judge myself most harshly on, because of course clients want to know when certain life events will happen. I've been told sometime in 2021 in the summer it will look less wild to me but seeing all the cosmic connections of people's actions and reactions is really overwhelming.

I honestly feel this is a great test that I have been given. Ignore what I see swirling around me and tune into the here and now. I feel like at times when I tune into someone's energy I'm an old lady with a broom clearing away cobwebs looking for the thread that is real. I give the answer I hear, and if my advice is doubted or ignored, I can't control that. I have to have faith that it will work out.

My guides often tell me time is an illusion and I need to see past time to see the reality of the world. I immediately think oh yes that's so easy, thanks, excellent advice, I will get right on that. But they are correct, in that if you focus on the here and now, and flow with the tool the universe has given you things do work out for the best. That tool is priceless, it is your intuition. Our guides use signs all the time to let us know that something is a good or bad idea. We just need to try to listen, feel and be in he moment. Something inside of us inately knows what path to follow.

Image source: Cosmic Reading Card by Nari Anastarsia

Like in the picture of this card, we are connected to the energy of the universe, it flows through us. We need to keep the energy flow clear and clean. It is important to protect your energy. Watch what you expose yourself to, from friends to media. Watch your thoughts, be loving to yourself, just generally care about yourself enough to care about your energy. Stop giving your energy to people who don't value it. Watching your energy brings you insights and clarity of mind. Be kind to your energy and allow yourself to feel the flow of the universe.

Here in an afirmation for you:

I AM at one with the Universe.

I AM valued.

I AM intuituve.


I listen.

I receive divine guidance.

Wishing you clear guidance and strong intuition,


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