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Brigid: Maiden, Mother, Crone

So if you want the internet to hate you, try to talk about possibly the most beloved goddess and saint of Ireland. Just trying to define her will probably get me in a lot of trouble with purists. The Catholic church couldn't get rid of her or her followers so they made her Saint Brigid. If you are not familiar with her, she is a triple goddess who shows herself as either a maiden, mother or crone. I have seen all versions of her and all are beautiful, it almost hurts to look at her she is so ethereal. She is excited that people are beginning to remember their lives following her.She brings light and love in every home where she is welcome.

I believe there is truth and value in many religions so while I honour and respect the ways of the pagan/Earth religion practitioners I wouldn't say I'm particularly pagan. Whenever I try to define myself by what I am "not" the universe likes to smack me upside the head. Not long after saying I'm not pagan to a friend, I remembered no less than five lifetimes where I was in fact pagan and in at least one of them a devout follower of Brigid. In January 2018, I saw a red haired being with a flower crown walk into my house and tell me "I'm Brigid, I'm here to usher in your child and put light in your home, you have had much pain and will have more but your child is coming." To be honest I thought "well this is either real or I'm having the best hallucination ever".

So I look up Brigid in the following days and realised it would soon be Imbolc, a Celtic festival that occurs halfway between winter and spring, usually on February 1st in the northern hemisphere. I found the amazing goddess videos of Laura Daligan, artist and red witch extraordinaire on Youtube. Seriously, she is amazing and treats the various goddesses with love and respect.

Source: from The Divine Feminine Oracle deck by Meggan Watterson

Brigid shows up to visit me at least once a month since that day in January bringing energy of peace, love and healing light very similar to those portrayed in the card above. When I am not sure and begin to feel a lack of self worth I call upon her and she is there, sending healing to my heart chakra. Brigid helps with creativity, alignment of your life path, She is after all a goddess of hearth, forge, light and inspiration. If you ask for her help with fertility of ideas, projects, or even children she will help if your higher self is in full agreement and alignment. Just be aware that the universe brings things into fruition in it's own time and in it's own way.

The book that comes with the Divine Feminine Oracle has a beautiful passage stating:

"Brigid's eternal flame represents the truth that the light never leaves us and can never be extinguished. It simply gets obscured or blocked from us. She reminds us that every day is actually filled with light; there are many days and times in our lives when we endure thick cloud cover. When that flame that exists within us is blocked by pain or confusion. Brigid is the sweet sound that reaches us in the dark and reminds us that we have never been on this journey alone."

This passage truly explains Brigid's purpose on Earth more fully than I could ever try to explain. It's no wonder that those that have experienced her energy love her deeply. Here is a nice invocation to work with Brigid as you meditate from me to you.

Dear goddess Brigid,

I ask you to speak to me now in meditation. I honour you now and send you the blessings and love of the universe. I call to you now, asking that you illuminate my path ahead. Let me see what steps I should take to follow my true path in the days ahead. May my home and heart be filled with your creative light filled energy today and in the future. Thank you for your messages for my highest good. And so it is.

Wishing you creativity and curiosity of Brigid today and always,



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I am Loving this, Megan!!! She is here often in my home as well,She is the Goddess of our home.

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