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Archangels Faith and Hope, benevolence and love

For months my YouTube channel sat without new content. Every time I would try to make a video, especially a card pull, the video would go black, stop or have no sound. I gave it a rest thinking ok I will take it easy this summer. We have a pandemic, people are stressed just leave it. Then I felt the pull to work on the website. Pumping out weekly posts was great... then mid October I got hit with an 8 week illness that landed me on my back. Viral pneumonia, not for the weak of heart for sure. So finally here I am, in the lazy days of another December lockdown. I did a bit of shadow work, a few sessions that always relieves the pressure in my brain so to speak, if I ignore spirits too long things get crazy around here.

A few days before Christmas I hear a high pitch ringing in my ear that sounds a lot like a doorbell. It's how spirit lets me know I have someone who wants to be channelled. I was pleased that it was two archangels that I call upon frequently, Hope and Faith.

Image source: Keepers Of The Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

You see they often come in together for me Faith has a beautiful blue orb and Hope a beautiful tangerine colour. Both of these orbs twinkle and dart around my bedroom at night. I usually have fantastical dreams as well after seeing these orbs but they honestly do not talk to me that much. It is more of a peaceful feeling I get, they watch over my house and counterbalance some of the masculine energy of Archangel Michael and Gabriel who also reside in my house and have done since I was a small child.

They work with both Archangel Michael and Gabriel and are very strong but have a feeling of pure joy that I find unique to them. They interject here to say they reside in many houses, we psychics are just more aware of it, of course of course....Faith and Hope asked me to channel a short sound healing for them so if you need a bit of an energetic boost please have a look. I don't even remember what it was about but there is a lot of energy in the cards by Kyle Gray so I followed the instructions I was given and took out my image and placed the card as the image in the video. Honestly I am glad, because sound healing makes my face contort and I cringe when I watch the painful playback. I fight my ego constantly here because my first impulse is to erase and start over.

Here is a message from them both:

Archangel Faith:

I come to you today to ask you to recognize your worth as a being of light. In your human condition you will make many mistakes, that is natural. However if you are awake to the idea that we are raising in vibration and creating a better reality it is your duty to own the mistakes you can fix and choose a wiser path. When you are able choose benevolence. ( I look up the word here for clarification. It says the quality of being well meaning and kindly or having a charitable purpose.) Humanity can only grow if we actively sow the seeds of kindness. If you feel you have given too much energy to a situation and cannot be kind, then try to wrap others in the blue ray of light so that they see how they affect others with their intentions and energy. Push past your fears and feel the calm love I bring to you.

Feel and know that in calmness there is strength.

Archangel Hope:

I come in today on the golden ray. May you be showered with happiness and feel the potential for 2021. Bright sunburst yellow raises your vibration and heals you from the inside out so you can access the divine love of the universe. You are a spark of divine light. My voice washes away self doubt to remind you that you are loved and worthy of love. When you feel surrounded by grey clouds call me in to help you remember the light. You are loved and cherished by the universe.

Affirmation for today:

I am divine love.

I am the light I wish to see in the world.

I am cherished by the universe.

I trust myself.

I hope these messages have resonated with you today. I hope the sound healing fill you with calm, peace and love.

Be well and I wish you love and acceptance always.


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