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Archangel Gabriel and Grounding

I get excited about strange things, often. I rarely see an image in card decks that matches how I see one of my favourite angels. I am always fascinated by how differently angels appear to us. Mostly I see them as orbs or the outline in light and they project an image to me that I catch so I know which one I am communicating with in the moment. I was so excited to see this image on the card Earth and Ground because this is exactly how I see Archangel Gabriel´s wings.

Image source: The Angel Guide Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray

I see them as citrine yellow with threads of diamond white light. The colors are alive and pulsate/ I even see the diamond white light he carries around streaming through him in heart patterns so I was so thrilled to see this. I meditate lying down mostly so this pose of meditation is exactly how I relate to him. So most people ask Gabriel to help with communication but I actually have noticed that he comes to me when I need to center and ground.

He tells me often that I can ask that his diamond white energy enter my auric field and then I imagine it cleansing and pushing out any negative energy I have picked up. I have written out the meditation below and usually end it with the Vrikshasana or tree pose. I am not very flexible so I grab the wall l when I do it. I do this one to two times a day, sometimes even more if I have been around a crowd. Even though we are on lockdown and social distancing, people´s energy does affect me even at a distance.

Visualisation for Grounding (I suggest holding tiger eye or lapis). Sit with your feet on the floor or stand comfortably. Breathe in and out three times deeply and slowly.

I call in angels of protection and angels of grounding

Archangel Gabriel please join me now.

Mother Gaia, I ask your permission to ground and cleanse my energy.

I feel roots growing from my tail bone to the Earth and roots growing from my feet.

I am deeply attached to the Earth.

I now visualise all the energy I have collected today. I see it as a grey ball and I push this grey ball deep into the Earth.

Gaia please transmute this energy. I reclaim all energy I have given away today and give back all energy I have collected.

I ask Archangel Gabriel to send his diamond white light and let it bathe all of my chakras. I see the diamond white light cleansing my body. As this is happening Gaia sends beautiful rainbow light and the rainbow and diamond light meet at my heart chakra and radiate out.

I now will say:

Thank you Archangel Gabriel and thank you Mother Gaia.

My energy is restored. I reclaim my peace.

I then try the tree pose to give my body a nice stretch. I then stretch my hands over my body. I am now ready to continue with my day.

Tree Pose
Tree Pose

Image source:

This is my daily and sometimes even three times a day practice and the more you do it, the faster it goes. This is the five minutes a day I take to myself and it really helps. Many times we talk about releasing problems but when you have a daily spiritual practice that literally says I am now giving all this junk energy back, I feel spirit realizes you are serious about it. You are trying to be peaceful.

I have recorded this visualisation so feel free to check it out on my Youtube page:

Wishing you days of peace and grounding,



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