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Curious to hear what message
the angels have
for you?


Hi, I'm Meg, a medium & spiritual advisor. As a certified Angel Guide, I receive and interpret the messages from the angels and also recognize their presence in your daily life. I will facilitate a sacred and safe space for you to connect with your angels and provide you with channeled healing, protection, and guidance. 


Check out the various sessions I offer below, they range from a recorded meditation to meet your own Guardian Angel to Angel readings and Angel card pulls. Connecting with your angels can be beneficial for your personal development and growth. I am happy to assist you as you go along your journey in the angelic realm.

What is an Angel Session?

An angel session can consist of an angel card reading, an angel healing, or a combination of both. During the session, I connect with your angels and receive and interpret the messages from the angels. An angel session can be helpful to answer life's difficult questions (e.g., relationships, careers, soul purpose, or anything else) or to attune to guidance and new perspectives in times of transition, uncertainty, or to just tune into general guidance and what your angels want you to know right now.

A good angel reading will connect you with the angels. You will feel uplifted, loved, and safe and the guidance of the angels will come through in a positive, sincere way. Even if angels have "bad news" or a "warning" to share with you, it will never be based on fear, rather it will always be delivered with light and immense love.

Angelic healing is aimed at removing emotional, mental, and even karmic blockages. Before and during the healing I will ask you for permission to have those blockages removed. The angels want to heal but respect your free will. Nothing will happen without your permission.

The Angels are always with you and are willing and able to help you, support you and guide you in your life. All you need to do is ask for help, be open to receiving help so that you can open your heart and mind, and align with the love and guidance of the angels.

You can learn to connect with your angels yourself, but not everyone wants that. Sometimes it helps to connect with your angels through someone else in a personal, one-on-one reading. I'd be delighted to help you with this. Curious what message the angels have for you?

Angel Sessions
Angel Sessions

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