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Wellness: Grounding, Gratitude and Rest

This card is a complete and total thorn in my side. I pull it whenever my guides want me to give up an old habit and get healthy. When I'm stressed my go to fast fix is cola and m&m´s. I know, I should know better. I feel like whenever I fall into a carbohydrate and sugar spiral this also comes up, I can feel the heavy sighs of my guides projecting to me ¨seriously woman we need to talk about this again?¨ I am trying to overcome and heal a condition with my legs where carbs are my enemy (causing inflammation) and whenever I ignore my physical therapist and sugar binge here comes the card ready to call me out!

Image source: The Secret Language of Light by Denise Jarvie

The meaning here however for the blog, is much deeper than spirit telling me to put down the foods I know affect me. If you resonate with this card, that means there is a situation that needs a new perspective or solution in your life. There is some aspect in wellness your team would like you to consider and improve. Something needs to change and spirit will start with subtle reminders and signs. The longer you or I ignore the subtle signs, the louder the signs become.

I am a Taurus so I am not a huge fan of change. Depending on the change it is usually something I tolerate. Even I have to admit that I have to know when to redirect my thinking and say, ok, I see the signs, tell me what I have to do and honestly if this is going to hurt, please let us just get on with it. I bring this up because I am fully aware there is some sort of irony on me of all people talking about wellness. I treated myself like an afterthought for many years. So what are some small steps we can take towards general wellness?

Here are some things to consider about Wellness that my guides have told me repeatedly the last six months, condensed for easier reading:

The first thing they suggest if you want to have a daily practice of wellness is ground your energy and clear everything around you. Grounding is important to do at least twice if not three times a day. I usually do it before a meal, because I am in a chair and it trains my brain to see my chair and begin grounding. I imagine all of the negative things and feelings in my life being pushed down into the Earth and transformed beautifully. The energy travels down into the Earth and is transformed and cleansed. It returns to me in a shining white ball of light, cleansing all of my chakras. I stretch afterwards and ask my spirit team to clear and cleanse my energy so that I can notice the signs from the universe more readily.

Now that I have worked on my energy, I need to write a list of things that I like or love. The universe loves to call me out when I am not showing the proper amount of gratitude for the things I have. If I start to think, oh I have less bookings this month I am reminded oh yeah well actually the universe is giving me time to finish this task so actually I am quite abundant. If you see free time as a lack of abundance, (like I do feel sometimes) spirit wants you to re-frame that thought. Free time is the thing we need to create joy.

After I make my Joy or gratitude list, I will then have a hard look at what I am doing to hold myself back. I don´t like this list but I then create a list of the things I need to change. On the list of things I need to change, I need to look at what in my behaviour is causing my vibration to lower or even worse causing me to harm myself in some way. The idea is not to be negative or overly critical, but what is the one problem right now, in this moment that I need to address as soon as possible. I like to do these lists on the same paper so I can see my amazing list of things I am improving and appreciate and the hopefully small list of things that I do to sabotage my well being. I then try to make a solution list and a schedule. For example, if I know I am having a reccurring nightmare about my childhood, then my inner child wants my attention and I need to make a plan to get this need met. I also need to note in my lists or journal if this is a spiral problem, meaning it comes up repeatedly or is this a problem that I can purge because I have done the work and I am finally ready to learn the lesson.

Remember, your spirit team wants you to set small goals and make small steps with this process. You are not going to solve a problem you have been dealing with since you were five overnight or in five minutes. Spirit cheers when you take the first big step in your plan or come to a realization where you are ready to make big changes for the better. Remember, nobody on your spirit team wants you to be miserable. They are here to teach you and help you realize your highest potential if you listen.

Lastly, spirit has been making me realize that resting is essential. It is not lazy. I often give myself too much to do. When I am not working with clients I sign up for classes or constantly read to learn a new skill. This is a good thing but it can be detrimental if I am not listening to my inner guidance and just rest. Resting is an important part of mental and emotional well-being. There are times you need to switch off, have boundaries and just take a nap or take a walk. Rest is how we integrate our lessons and pour energy back into ourselves. Never be ashamed to admit when you need rest. It is a gift and a form of abundance. Rest is what we need to integrate lessons, healing, and energy.

And lastly spirit wants you to know sugar is ok sometimes, but it is also a good idea to eat your spinach.

So what else do you consider an essential part of spiritual wellness? Would love to know!

Wishing you lots of rest this month,


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