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Citrine, an energetic hug

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

In 2012, not long after I moved to The Netherlands, I started feeling the call to collect crystals. I didnt buy books or look at videos about them, I just bought what I thought was pretty and what seemed to tell me "take me home". In 2017 I began meditating with crystals and the one that I find myseld holding is my little golden citrine. Roughly the size of a half dollar coin, it sparkles, especially after a few hours on my window sill. Whenever I use it, my hand becomes extremely warm and my palm vibrates. The real reason I come back to it though, is whenever it is near me I feel extremly calm and peaceful. According to Heather Askinosie's book Crystal 365,

"Citrine 's bright energy stimulates higher vibrational frequencies within you. Working with citrine offers a contagous exchange of uplifting vibration, infusing you with higher levels of happiness and working with citrine you can adopt it's sunny energy. Citrine does not hold any darkness and is incapapble of emitting any negative frequencies".

Askinosie goes on to also refer to citrine as spiritual vitamin D and I couldn't agree more.

Soure: Daily Crystal Inspiration by Heather Askinosie

I honestly don't know whay certain crystals and stones work the way they do in meditation but I do respond to how they make me feel, and citrine is a keeper. When I first bought my little citrine it was extremely clear, but over the years it has developed webs and cracks inside, almost as if it has been communicating with me somehow. I'm left handed so I hold the citrine in my right hand and imagine breathing out stress, sadness, anger and I visualise the citrine pouring golden light through my hand down through my entire body, cleansing my energy fields so that my mind and breath are completely calm and I am centered.

Another thing I like to do is to meditate with citrine and ask Archangel Gabriel to step forward. While you can certainly speak and pray with angels at any time and don't need stones and crystals, the citrine acts as a visual reminder to me that Archangel Gabriel is near and ready to help me with all my communication needs. When I see little flashes of citrine coloured light I know that is Gabriel letting me know he or she is near.

So the next time you want to bring sunsine into someone's day or need to tell someoe something important with love and clarity, carry a small citrine in your pocket or bag. Even the most down to Earth of us feel it's positive energy.

Affirmation for meditation:

May my day be filled with happiness that radiates out.

When my energy falters may the citrine remind me that I am happy,

I am enough, I am at peace.

May my words be understood and my energy positive.

Let me be the sunshine in someone's day even if all I give is a moment,

let it be a wonderful one.

Wishing you sunshine and peace,


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