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Trusting Mother Mary

I have written and deleted ten first paragraphs today because I have one rule, if I have to force it, that means it is not right. Finally, I reach for my Mother Mary Oracle deck and pull this gorgeous card ¨Our Lady Who Sends the Angels¨ and suddenly I know what I need to write. Last week was a rough week. I had multiple problems where I did not have what I needed and a monumental amount of paperwork to do and was just wondering what I would do... my workload was bigger than the number of hours in my day. I just said aloud so many times ok Mother Mary, you are my Master Teacher so feel free to intervene this week because quite simply I am overwhelmed.

Image source: Mother Mary Oracle By Alana Fairchild

Next thing I know, on the day I was close to tears three people came and asked me if I would like some help expecting no reward or payment other than a thank you. My work load became more of a hill and less of a mountain. The day I thought I would collapse from pain in my legs, suddenly I did not have to be on my feet as much and I managed to make it home before I reached the state where I could no longer walk. I even found money in a drawer to pay an unexpected expense. All in a 24 hour period! I could not believe it. I sat in meditation and Mother Mary told me that yes, she is my Master Teacher but she cannot teach me properly, help me on my spiritual path, and send me signs if I am constantly feeling that every situation is a crisis. I need to ask for help. I have to want help. As soon as I asked for help for my highest good it was like my daily timeline suddenly jumped to a zen easy world that I was not used to at all. This pivotal moment has me now starting my week saying everything will be ok, Mother Mary please make my problems manageable and my crisis moments few and far between because I trust that you will be there to help.

So I write all this to say, whatever ascended master you resonate with, that you feel is a major force in your life, reach out to them, ask them for help when you need it. Life may not become perfect, but you may find that the mountain you are climbing is suddenly more of a hill. I think Mary is seriously underestimated as a guide. Most people tend to see her only as her roll as a mother, the mother of Jesus, But think about it, when you are in her energy, what happens to you?

For me, I do feel peaceful but I also feel a power, a bold, raw power that is electric. I see a woman in blue and white with an army of angels behind her, ready to be directed by her for the highest possible outcome. I have only seen her once in a dream state, she told me if I were to see her in her full energy I would actually go blind for a moment for she is pure divine feminine energy. She is multidimensional. Multi-faceted and carries the mother energy as well as abundance, grace, peace, light, fire, change and so much more.

All I am saying is that if organised religion or acts done in the name of Mother Mary have put you off in the past, give her another chance as a spirit guide. Here is a little something to say for the combined power of Mary and the angels:

Mother Mary,

I come to you now with pure intentions.

I ask that you send angelic help for my situation.

I promise that I ask this for the highest good.

With your intervention and the help of the angelic realms I truly believe anything is possible and I am ready to receive your solution.

I ask for the best possible outcome for good.

May this solution fill my day with ease and flow.

Gratitude to you Mother Mary and the angelic realms.

A small tip I can offer you if you would like to know what ascended master you would like to work with is have a look on the internet at Kyle Gray´s Keepers of the Light deck. There are all kinds of beautiful beings of light there from Buddha, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, to Quan Yin, and Joan of Arc. If you have ever had a strong pull to a certain Ascended Master, trust me, they have either worked with you in the past or want to work with you now.

I also do sessions where I answer questions and I love introducing people to ascended masters they are not familiar with at all. Remember, Ascended Master means they are of love and light and that is a great energy to surround yourself with. It is truly wonderful to be in the energy of a being that has had the human experience but has attained enlightenment and understands deep spiritual truths.

What could Mother Mary help you with today? Ask for her to send in the angels and see what happens the next day.

Wishing you more hills and less mountains,



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