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Spiritual Protection: Fairies

No matter where you are on your path in life, any time you do any spiritual work you need to protect yourself. Lots of people know about angels of protection and they are amazing but this card reminds me of two of my favorite protection techniques. I like to ask the fairies to bring in rainbow light and wrap it around me in addition to asking for angelic protection. This is especially powerful when you are outside.

Image source: Oracle of the Fairies by Karen Kay

This rainbow fairy energy protects me in sessions and also when I am walking in crowds.

I often see Archangel Raziel and the fairies working together to protect me when I am connecting to other's energy and they remind me to disconnect and call back my energy.

It is so important to call your energy back with love at the end of every day.

Every night I say:

I reclaim my energy with love and give back the energy of everyone I encountered today with love. I reclaim my energy from the internet, from strangers, and from anyone who has thought of me today. May all my energy now reintegrate back to where it belongs.

I find when I do this I sleep more soundly and have more restful sleep. I remind myself that I am protected and surrouded by the love and protection of all sorts of beings, but fairies hold a special place in my heart because they are attracted to happiness and joy and wish all of us to allow it into our energy, even if only for a moment each day.

The other card that flew out when I was pulling from the fairy deck was this Shine from Within card that reminds me that we all walk our own path.

Image source: Oracle of the Fairies by Karen Kay

When you walk your path and stop worrying about the path of others, the right people are attracted to you and are brought into your life. Self-acceptance starts when you stop comparing your journey with others. I will probably be working on self-acceptance til the day I die, but I think we should all be proud of how far we have come. I you don't compare yourself to others at all, congratulations on the freedom you have attained. I feel strongly comparison is a prison of the mind that we all need to break out of immediately.


I am joyful.

I am unique.

I am shining from within.

I accept myself fully.

May your journey be protected and full of self-acceptance,


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