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Dolphins: Live Joyfully in the Present

I have been feeling the pull of the animals lately and love this card by Diana Cooper. When I was back in my hometown in Virginia, it seemed like everywhere I went there were dolphin images or even dolphins playing in the ocean. Animals work with us as we travel this world learning to live in duality. I fully believe yes you need to work on the shadowy parts of yourself but you also need to find balance and embrace the small joyful moments in life.

To be honest, when people on the spiritual path obsess over shadow work over joy and vice versa I get nervous because you need both in your life. Life is complicated, we need all the tools we can to learn what we need to learn and animals are a great source of love and comfort, but they can also show you what you don't like and need to work on some more.

Image source: Archangel Animal Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

I have just come out of a difficult three weeks of looking at the bits of myself I do not like very much. That May 5th portal was something. The energy was like a Phoenix burning but then I had to put myself back together. For me, that portal was all about inner child work and self love and acceptance. Why do those aspects require constant revisiting for us humans? I felt what I needed to feel and am now ready to look for the small joys again. Dolphins are a great spirit animal for that. In case you want a simple definition, spirit animals pop up whenever you need a sign or a lesson and totem animals are the animals that stay with you your entire life as you deal with major life themes and reoccurring lessons. The internet has a lot of opinions on what a power animal is, I resonate with the animal you call on for inner strength. If you have a strong pull to decorate a room or tattoo a certain animal, that to me is a good sign it is most likely your power animal. (Do not come for me animal experts, this is just a simple explanation of what resonates with me).

So the dolphin, when it appears to you as a spirit animal and you feel the strong pull it is time to work on self-love and acceptance. As a totem animal it belongs to those that long for and create communities wherever they go and as a power animal ask the dolphin for help when you want to communicate your wants and needs effectively. Whenever you see one, these beings have light codes they send out of joy and lightness. Dolphins are spiritual healers and bring in the ninth dimensional golden ray of Christ light. For further information look up any of Diana Cooper´s videos on the Golden Ray and Christ Light on Youtube. Christ light or golden source light is the light that we emit when we are in a higher vibration like peace and love. By working on our self love and acceptance we are a shining light where we are and send healing out to others unconsciously. Now think of our power if we take a few minutes a day to imagine dolphins showering others with golden light of healing. I do this sometimes and always feel at peace afterwards. It works really well on your inner child as well.

Message to your inner child:

Imagine you are sitting on a beach.

Your inner child sits next to you.

As you sit together you see a pod of dolphins jumping in the waves.

The sun is shining and reflects off the skin of the dolphins.

They jump higher and higher.

With each jump, golden light transmits from the dolphins and pours into your heart chakra.

Live in joy. Live in love. Just for this moment. You are happy.

And so it is.

Feel the peace and joy and repeat this exercise as often as needed.

Wishing you much joy in the here and now,


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