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Be your best self and Dance

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

The first fully colourful transportive vision I ever had in meditation was a glorious journey where I dove off a cliff into the sea to swim with dolphins and mermaids. Meditating to drum beats , I saw myself diving deep feeling flow and the transformative healing energy of the ocean. It was that year 2018, that I gave myself permission to believe in what previously I believed to only be fairytales. I wanted to stay in that meditation and never leave. So it’s only fitting that for my first blog post I am guided to pull this beautiful card titled BE YOUR BEST SELF ALWAYS.

Source: image from Nature’s Whispers Oracle Cards by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall

As a child, I would watch the dolphins play in the waves especially when it rained. I would stand on the beach and wish that I could know the joy of being at one with the ocean. I wanted so badly to believe that mermaids were real. Imagine my joy when I realised communities of people who believe in mermaids exist! I truly believe that in order to find the best version of ourselves we need to embrace the magic of our inner child. Imagine you are swimming in the ocean with your inner child and the mermaids surround you. Turn to your inner child and say

Magic exists

Beautiful moments are possible

We deserve beauty and love

We are our best selves

Say this until you believe it. Thank your inner child for being with you. Remember this feeling when you feel stuck.

So why mermaids? Why should we work with their energy? Mermaids are beautiful beings of light who have come to help humanity. They symbolise, hope, love and abundance. All they ask is that you show kindness to the world and believe in the law of abundance. You have the power to create a better reality for yourself. Whenever you feel the pull to the water, those are the mermaids asking you to realign and connect to flow. Flow is an essential part of happiness. Flowing and realising what can be changed now and what takes time is important. Not everything can be changed in an instant. . Feel what you need to feel but don’t stagnate in negative emotions. Feel it and then release it, knowing that better moments are coming. An excellent self care technique is taking a salt water bath if you don’t live close enough to a beach to swim. Immerse yourself in the water and allow your body to relax. Connection to water truly helps us tap into the mermaid energy and flow.

May you feel the blessings of the mermaids every day.

Thank you for being in this space with me,



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Anita Elliott
Anita Elliott

Yes!!! "I truly believe that in order to find the best version of ourselves we need to embrace the magic of our inner child." I've been really feeling led by my inner child lately xo <3

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