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Angels are for Everybody

So it finally happened. I was trolled on Instagram. Someone with a lot of pain and anger was truly offended by an angel affirmation I posted. The argument was refugees are dying where are those angels? In this person's mind, if you suffer the angels do not care. If you are poor the angels do not care. Let me tell you something. The angels are everywhere. Every soul, every blade of grass, every tree, everything has an angel. The angels wrap their wings around us. As we wade in the muck, so do they. We have life lessons. We sign up for really painful awful things in order to learn lessons. In our soul form we sit on the other side and have a list of things we need to learn. These angels called Virtues write out our contract and will say to us, hey you picked a lot of pain that can be made worse by people making bad choices with free will, please pick an easier event or life.

If we say ¨no it is great I will learn a lot.¨ then the angels will say ¨ok but here I will give you a chance to cancel this event, or see a red flag, or how about a warning so you can change your mind at the last minute ok?¨ Of course some events are set and some events are fluid. Only you and your spirit team know what is ¨set¨ and what can be changed. A few months ago I was given the opportunity to go to the other side when I had pneumonia and I felt no, I do not want to go yet, I have people to help. I asked if it was optional, and they said yes, it's just an exit point, it isn't the final exit point. My angels shrugged and said ¨ok, we just thought maybe you wanted to start over and have a better childhood but ok, we can add some more good stuff to this life if you want it¨. Um yes Spirit, I want it,

My opinion is just that, an opinion, if others resonate with something else, great. I know that my life path is to help others with the journey. I am a channel and ask for advice for the highest good. Sometimes angels tell me ok wave the red flag for this client. They have free will and can listen or not. If somebody does not want to hear the message, the universe will give them another chance to hear the message. We all have our path, and sometimes spirit tells me to mind my own business.

Additionally, there is this thing called free will. Free will ensures that on a basic level you are not a puppet. So imagine billions of people making choices that may or may not affect your life. This is why when you are an adult or no longer being led by your parents as to what to think or do, you really have to make a conscious effort of who to let in your circle. If you are surrounded by positive people who care for you, you let that into your life. What you believe is what you create.

So if you find that you feel you are too poor or too this or too that for angels, know that is simply not true. You have to have peace and positivity in your soul to connect. Think of it like Amazon Delivery. The angel is at the door with the package of blessings. Is the door locked? Is your life so full of chaos and negativity that you can hear them ringing that doorbell? You know you have grown when you can stop and say what can I do to change this awful situation? What can I learn? What is the next step to get better?

I am just a human. I cannot explain why bad things happen, but I know that light and dark are here on Earth. We have a choice as to which vibration we match. When you live in fear and negativity it attracts more. When you consciously seek peace and love more is attracted to you. The journey of getting to peace and love is painful and exhausting. You will fall. You will get up.

Image source: Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

How do we get support from angels? Here is my experience and advice:

See the blessings in your life. When you see good, you free up space for more good to come in. This is a lifelong practice. You will have good days and bad days. Keep going. This is the price we pay for being complicated souls with free will. It is not all good and it is not all bad. I look up regularly and say excuse me can we edit this life agreement or cancel the lesson with this person? I have learned my lesson! Thanks! Sometimes I get the answer I want and sometimes I get a big sucky no not yet.

Ask for support and signs. in your everyday life. Angels are always with you but you have to ask. They cannot interfere with your free will without permission. There are exceptions as in life and death I know...Listen for guidance, a knowing. Listen as much as you talk. Say aloud every morning:

Dear Angels,

Thank you for hearing me and surrounding me.

Please show me today you are near.

I send blessings to you.

Thank you for helping me to see the blessings in my life.

Every day your support and love manifests in my life.

Help me make choices for my highest good.

When I fall, help me get up again.

And so it is.

Above you will see the cards I pulled when I asked my team what I should say in response to this person who inspired this post. Alas, the person probably won´t see it because I have to protect my energy, and you should too. Exercise that free will more and say no thanks, no negativity in my aura today. Sometimes you have to send people away with love.

Wishing you angelic experiences,


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