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Come join
the spirit circle!


Hi, I'm Meg, a medium & spiritual advisor. During my monthly spirit circles, I want everyone who comes to feel uplifted, loved, and healed if needed.


You will receive group messages, individual messages, and a small meditation. I channel angels, guardian angels, elementals, and loved ones that are no longer with us.


It will be a great time that is both moving and fun. Sometimes spirit has no filter! Expect the unexpected. € 25,- per person.

Spirit Circle dates for 2022:

January 22

February 26

March 26

April 23

May 21

June 25

What is a Spirit Circle?

Have you ever attended a spirit circle? I enjoy them because every spiritual practitioner/medium has a signature approach to this event. Forget what you've seen on tv, that's not how I work at all. On a basic level, my spirit circles provide a fun and poignant evening as messages come through from angels, guardian angels, and loved ones. For me, I light a candle, set the intention; and give whatever messages come in. Once I have set what I consider a sacred space for love and the highest energies possible, ask what each person would like to get out of the evening.

I do my best to offer things that my main guides Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, and Archangel Zadkiel find healing and helpful. I find that my spiritual purpose is to help others take steps towards peace and happiness for themselves. The world needs more love and peace, and while nobody is perfect, I try to help others see the love and perfection that exists in small moments of time. If you resonate with this idea, come check it out!

I am very much looking forward to welcoming you to my spirit circle.

Spirit Circle: Calendar
Spirit Circle Calendar
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