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What is the Golden Triangle?

How has your summer been? Instead of taking my usual vacation, spirit has decided I need to work on my website and take a few classes to add to my skills. I have been working with tarot, angels and crystals the past few months so today I want to talk about a powerful trio of gemstones. Prior to living here in The Netherlands, I had never heard of the ¨Gouden Driehoek¨ or Golden Triangle but now that I know what it is, you can decide for yourself if you need it in your life.

I personally never seem to have ¨enough¨ there is always room for more crystals and gemstones. The thing I love about The Netherlands is that it is mentioned in weekly magazines and in crystal shops. If you have heard of it before please let me know, because it is very popular here, especially in the last year.

The Golden Triangle are three crystals of gemstones of fairly equal size consisting of crystal quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst. Hematite of a smaller size is put in the center to help ground the energies of the crystals (Also used to discharge or cleanse the crystals, whilst the crystal quartz charges them). It is not in all sets I have seen, but I do feel a positive shift in the energy when it is added.

The purpose of setting the three gemstones or crystals in a triangle pattern is to create a positive energy flow in your home. The rose quartz is meant to create better mutual understanding in the home, amethyst is meant to create an atmosphere of calm, and crystal quartz cleanses energy. When the trio is put together in a room there is a relaxation, regeneration, and purification of energies. Ideally, the set should be in your living room, work space, and even on your person especially if you are under a lot of stress or experience a great deal of anxiety on a regular basis.

Meditating around the trio will help you deepen the meditation. I hold the three and regularly say I now connect the mind, body, and heart as I begin this meditation. Three is a powerful number and is used for many concepts from past, present future, to the Holy Trinity in Christianity to one of my favourite mantras:

I now set the intention to align my higher self, my soul and my inner child. May all three work together for my highest good at this time.

Even when I am about to get into a conversation that I think I may regret, I will look at the trio and ask myself do I have unity in my body, speech and mind? In other words, is one of those things telling me this could not end well? The physical presence of these stones in my house has reminded me to reframe a conversation many times so I say what I need to say but do not trample on the feelings of others.

One last thing I will tell you is that if you decide to buy these individually do make sure all three are of roughly the same size and shape so the energy is proportionate. They should all three either be rough, polished or of a certain shape and not a combination of the three. With this it is important that healing, cleansing, and love energy is as equal as possible.

If you would like to buy a set check out my brand new web shop! Each stone is lovingly chosen by me. You will also receive a written message from your guardian angel. I bless each set with reiki, and package it with deep purple wrapping, the colour of Archangel Zadkiel the angel of transformation, forgiveness. and clarity. A set costs € 44,- (tax + shipping included). Even if you do not get it from me, you should still get it. We all need more magical crystals in our lives!

Wishing many Many Magical Days now and Always,


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