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Tree dryads, fairies and magic

I'm a fairly grounded person, I believe in all kinds of things but when I began my journey into the wild and wonderful worlds of elementals I just wasn't sure about fairies. I never saw one and definitely had a raised eyebrow over the whole concept. My mindset now is that it can't hurt to interact with beings that come bringing happiness and light. Fairies are tricky, they have egos and some don't want anything to do with humans and others are eager to help if you help them. On a wim, I added lights and a sparkly garden ornament to my garden. Every holiday I leave out bits of chocolate or cream or bubbly in a bottle cap. I started talking to the fairies of the flowers and trees and having chats in my head when I go on walks.

A funny thing started to happen, I would see little pinpricks of light out of the corner of my eye all hours of the day. I started to get free things in the mail. We have a post code lottery here where I live and almost every week I win chocolates, wacky socks, or hand lotion. You see, fairies manifest abundance and the more gratitude you show and the more you interact and pay attention to them, the more you see abundance appear in your life. I try not to judge it, the moment I get greedy or forget to gift to them, my free things slow down, But, I have to say I like to think there is a correlation between the attention I pay the fairies and the gifts I see out of the blue.

When I meditate and want to channel a fairy, they always request one album in particular. They love Loreena McKennitt's "The Book of Secrets", there is something magical, dreamy and mysterious about the folk sound of that music much like the fairies, who have a strange magic I will never fuly understand. Karen Kay's Oracle of the Fairies was calling to me today and I pulled the gorgeous card Tree Wisdom. It makes sense I would get that card as the more I walk the more I feel peace amoungst the trees. Whenever I talk to the tree fairies in my head I see tiny green twinkly orbs. Sometimes I smile for no reason, and I know the tree fairies or tree dryads are near.

Source: Oracle of the fairies Cards by Karen Kay

One step forward now to share her wisdom. Here is the message hear:

Greetings and blessings to all who are open to believe,

Some call me a fairy, some a tree guardian, or a dryad, but I am as I am a guardian of nature. I am one of many who guard the secrets of the nature realm. My name in English translates to Blue Dancer. I represent many as fairies and elementals are more numerous than blades of grass. I step forward to ask you to remember the old ways. There was a time when humans knew to sit under a tree on a sunny day and sing to call us to them with a a small gift. This method of calling has largely gone away. Remember the old ways. We are all one and some of us long to connect with you. Your soul is healed by our magic and we act as conduits sending the healing magic of nature to you. Our energy and the energy of plants and trees reaches out to you when we communicte with one another.

When a fairy or nature spirit agrees to help you it is a magical bond. We heal and lift your spirits, for that is one of our tasks here in this realm. We are the caretakers of the Earth and some of us are willing to help and interact with those who are open and show compassion to nature. We only ask that you show love to the planet and a small amunt of gratitude and kindness to us when we interact with you. Be mindfull that there are some nature spirits who wish to be left in peace, you will feel that in your wanderings, just state that you are passing through and mean no harm. I leave you with a small exercise to connect with the fairies in your garden or nearby trees. You may need to do this a few times, depending on who answers your call they need to be sure of you and your intentions.

I ask that you sit by a window or bench on a sunny day with a houseplant or tree near you. Say this aloud or in your head (she mentions they love the songs of children):

Fairies and nature spirits of light please hear my call,

I wish to connect and ask for your help, Let me hear your music and know that you are with me. Hear me now and please come closer to me.

I ask for your help with ______. If you are able, I accept any and all help. Please accept this small gift. (If you have no gift send blessings) May our interactions be a never ending road of light and magic.

So it is.

The more you are in nature, the more your soul will be filled. There is joy to be found in disconnecting from busy lives for a few minutes each day. Give yourself this gift. Magic is here if you look for it. We love to send the healing energies of nature to you to lift your spirits.

The more you are in nature, the more your soul will be filled. There is joy to be found in disconnecting from busy lives for a few minutes each day. Give yourself this gift. Magic is here if you look for it.

Wishing you magical journeys with dryads and fairies.


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